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The order to read Mathematical Physics

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    Assume that I have read Calculus, completed IPhO Syllabus, finished Irodov, Krotov and Kleppner.

    Now, how should I proceed so as to make a transition to Mathematical Physics.

    Please list the topics in correct order to read. Please recommend some books for reading those topics.

    Also, if possible, please provide links where I can find their e-books free.
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    I have not read this myself, but I will buy this and read / study it this summer:

    A Course in Modern Mathematical Physics, by Peter Szekeres, Cambridge
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    George Jones

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    Have you studied multivariable calculus? Real analysis? Linear algebra?
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    Yes, most of them. Actually, I was just asking for the sequence of all these things and the books for them.

    I will be very thankful if you help. Please, at least, tell the correct sequence.
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    Thank you very much, confinement and malawi_glenn.
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