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The physical meaning of Schrödinger's equation

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    OK, I understand the physical interpretation of wave function which is the solution of Schrödinger's equation. The interpretation of wave function is in term of probability.
    What is physical meaning of Schrödinger's equation itself, in term of Newton's equation(F=ma)?
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    Check out this thread, in particular post #8.

    Hey, you're the one who asked the question then. :confused:
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    You could perhaps see Schrodinger equation as the quantistical equivalent of Newton's law in the sense that while Newton's law tells you the "future story" of a non-quantistical particle (its trajectory due to forces), the Schrodinger equation tells you the same for a quantistical particle. The difference being that for a quantistical particle you cannot speak of a trajectory in the classical sense due to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, but you can speak of a wave function (with a probabilistic meaning) and Schrodinger equation will tell you the "future story" of the wave function.
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