The recent makeup of topcited Loop/Spinfoam research (window on current work)

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To get a kind of snapshot of current Loop/Spinfoam research you can go to Spires and type this in the search box:
k spin,foam or (dk quantum gravity and dk loop space) and date > 2006

In case anyone is wondering, k or dk means keyword. dk uses the keyword set maintained by DESY librarians. You can replace dk by k if you want and it probably won't change the result.

Spires is here:
They give a pulldown menu of sort options. Choose sort by "Approximate citation count". You get a list of over 250 Loop/Spinfoam papers that appeared in the past 3 years (2007, 2008, 2009) and it helps have them listed by citation count so you get the most important or influential ones to appear first. I'd tend to pay special attention to the top 20 or so.

If you do that, type in the above and select that sorting, you get this: [Broken]

People are often asking about the makeup of current LQG research, "where does my favorite researcher or favorite notion fit in?", or "what is LQG?" If you have that kind of question this is a way of finding out. For any paper you can click on "abstract" and see a short summary, or "PDF" and get the whole article free download.
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