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New search tool combines CERN and SLAC-Stanford Spires

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    It is called "INSPIRE" and here is a sample search
    http://hep-inspire.net/search?as=1&m1=a&p1=quantum+cosmology&f1=keyword&op1=a&m2=a&p2=2006-%3E2007&f2=year&op2=a&m3=a&p3=&f3=&action_search=Search&sf=&so=d&rm=citation&rg=25&sc=0&of=hb [Broken]

    what this does is look for papers with the keyword "quantum cosmology"
    which have a publication date in the range "2006->2007"
    that is from 2006 to 2007 inclusive

    the main front door seems to be
    and then to get a few more options you click on "advanced search" so you get
    http://hep-inspire.net/collection/HEP?ln=en&as=1 [Broken]

    and this is I guess an alpha version. It is new. and you can go down to where it says "sort by"
    and find the pulldown menu that starts off saying "or-rank-by" and select "times cited"
    to get the highly cited papers first
    and up at the top there are boxes where you put in keywords, or date range, or author name etc.

    so it is not too unlike Spires
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    Vanadium 50

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    Interesting. (But why is this BSM?)
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    Hello Vanadium, thanks for your response. Feel free to put a link to this notice anywhere else you think people make a lot of use of SLAC-Stanford Spires. We use Spires a lot here at Beyond subforum because it is a database that keeps track of all the quantum gravity and string papers. Spires not only classifies research papers by keyword. It also lets you grab out the ones that are likely to be most important in each category----because it will rank by the number of citations the paper has received.

    Any other forum or subforum where they keep a close watch on current research of the sorts Spires covers might also like to hear about this new offshoot. So feel free. I have limited time so I just want to make sure that BtSM is informed about it.
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