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The relationship between two variables (Stats)

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    I really understand most of the question, just having trouble with one part, so I am going to try to sum it up. if you need more info to clarify please let me know...


    nielson media research provides two measures of television viewing audience (in this case for the world series):
    -a television program RATING, which is the percentage of households with televisions watching a program


    -a television program SHARE, which is the percentage of households watching a program among those with televisions in use

    following data....

    rating: 19, 17, 17, 14, 16, 12, 15, 12, 13,
    share: 32, 28, 29, 24, 26, 20, 24, 20, 22,

    please note... the rating and share correspond to eacher, so 19 corresponds to 32, 17 corresponds to 28, etc and they want rating to be on the horizontal axis when a scatter plot is made ... so (19, 32) (17, 28) etc etc

    the question is... what is the relationship between rating and share?? explain

    i am stuck. i mean i can GRAPH a relationship. sure. what i know is rating is the percent of houses with a tv watching the world series, and the share is the percent of people with the tv on watching the game. somehow i feel like there should be some kind of subtraction? share minus rating? i really dont know. any help would be great!!! thanks :D :D
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    Do you know what a coefficient of correlation (Pearson's R) is?

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