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B The right definition of magnetic field?

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    I thought the definition was: a vectorial field that interacts with a moving charge
    But wikipedia says it's a field generated by electric currents and magnetic materials...
    Why is in the definition the way it is Generated?

    When we had defined the electric field we said that is a vectorial field that acts on a charge (that exerts a force on the charge) we basically defined E as E= F/q, why can't we make the same for B? Using the Lorentz force, defining B using the force that acts on the moving charge?
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    I don't see the problem here. Are they contradictory? This is like saying that a cow is a female bovine while the other says that a cow produces milk.

    Besides, why would what Wikipedia use as a "definition" matter?

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    If you don't like what Wikipedia says then just fix it.
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