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B The rubber sheet analogy in Relativity

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    Can anyone here settle(or contribute to ) a question that is ongoing at another forum?

    Who came up with the idea of the rubber sheet analogy in Relativity?

    Some there have wondered if it was the "rubber sheet geometry" as topology was described as ,apparently that may have ,perhaps unconsciously given birth to the idea as an analogy .

    It seems Topology was established before Special or General Relativity was formulated.....
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    The "rubber sheet" analogy is a deeply flawed analogy and has little or nothing to do with actual physics, it's just something that's easy to use to descirbe things to laymen.
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    If you find the culprit let us know.
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    HA HA. Actually AE remains a suspect in the inquiry.

    But I will let you know if we work it out.
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    Can you explain what the rubber sheet analogy is?
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