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The search for a research mentor

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    So my university apparently gives out summer research positions to undergrad students. I'm in engineering and for about a year now I've been thinking about efficient easy-to-make water filters for developing countries. The whole idea originated from a science competition in high school, but that's besides the point.

    So I figured I could try to get a position by developing my idea further. Now my problem is that I have to find a professor willing to take me as a summer research person.

    Which field should I look for professors in? I was thinking chemical engineering, but I think that might be a little off. Soooo.. I don't quite know. Help is appreciated :)
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    You may want to look and see if any of the science or engineering faculty has ever been involved in "Engineers without Borders" or similar outreach... therefore even if they have no ongoing work relating to your project, they might be sympathetic and be willing to take on the role of adviser.
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