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The significance of the existence of the universe

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    So this has crept up in another thread in which another member said that the problem they have with my posts is that I always assume some sort of significance. I just kind of wanted to touch on that and see if anyone else thinks the same.*

    A lot of people have the view point that, the universe is here, we are here with it, and there's no significance to it at all. When I'm talking about significance I don't mean it from a religious perspective, in that god made the earth for man and that we have a special place in the world, and so forth, for me significance simply means that something amazing has happened. Try and look at the universe from a life and death perspective, it either exists here in the physical world or it doesn't. If "absolute nothing" is actually a state of reality in some part of the universe's existence it makes you ask your self why there is a possibility for anything to exist in the first place.

    THAT I think is quite significant. I find the fact that something so large, complex and intrinsically beautiful can pop out of nowhere and be infinitely beyond our understanding, to be a truly amazing thing. It makes me put into perspective exactly what it means to exist and what "life" might be without it. The fact that something is cooking in the pot means to me that something lit the flame, *and that somewhere out there we got on the good side of probability. And again I'm not talking about the moment of god, I'm just talking about an event which took place billions of years in the past that dictated our very chance for existence, an event perhaps far older and far more ancient than the big bang we've grown to know about.

    Me personally I draw an appreciation from that, in which I find the universes birth and existence to be a significant thing regardless of how insignificant it is. How do you relate to that? Does it motivate your passion for science? Do you care? This isn't a religious discussion, but a personal discussion about the edges of science and how it effects you as an individual.*
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