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I The spin of the photon -- a weird experiment with a laser

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    Hello everybody, I'm playing with a ne -ne laser
    And i conducted an interesting experiment
    I did colliding beams the type of interferometer Fabry Pero
    between the mirrors I put the cuvette with different substances
    I tried to detect changes of polarization of the laser beam with the help of a spectral analyzer
    and I noticed that the spectrum is slightly different and depending on the what substances in the cuvette i pour.

    I want to understand at a fundamental level what happen with the polarization of the laser beam passing through a cuvette with a different substance?

    and what happens with the spin of a photon which hit on the molecule or atoms of the substance in cuvette
    and what happens when the spin of the photon many times that he passes through closed loops of the two mirrors?

    it is not entirely clear what information is logged spectrum analyzer.o_O
    in my understanding, is logged just the motion of molecules in a substance in the cuvette
    and two mirrors is just the amplifier to record the movement of molecules in the cuvette
    but why change the polarization depending on the different substances, i see it is a dynamic process
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