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The Standard Model (What Don't I know?)

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    A big part of the theory of the standard model is that the major forces are mediated by the exchanging of elementary particles. So hypothetically, if we discovered some material that blocked the photon, for example, does this mean an object wrapped in this material would be unaffected by the electromagnetic force?

    Basically this is a question about what kind of exchanging of particles we're talking about. Is it an exchange in the sense of how atoms exchange electrons, or am I completely off?
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    Last I checked, Lead works pretty well.
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    Oh, so follow-up question: If the graviton exists, and if there is a material to block it, we would theoretically be able to defy gravity?
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    Gravitons are speculative and even if they existed, I don't believe so. Gravity is the curvature of spacetime and thus the attraction between two objects wouldn't be affected by a material between the two objects.

    Lead doesn't block magnetism, which is an electromagnetic force.
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