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The Telephone Seminar was fun! (Laurent and Abhay arguing with Carlo)

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    they just had another episode of the weekly International Loop Gravity Seminar

    to follow the discussion it helps to read the slides first and then as Rovelli gives the talk he refers to the slides so you can see what he is talking about

    it is new work so there is plenty of reason to ask questions and to discuss it

    there are several unidentified voices, but mainly (besides Carlo) the voices were Abhay Ashtekar, Laurent Freidel, Simone Speziale, Jorge Pullin). To me it is especially cheerful and hopeful to listen to Laurent arguing with Carlo. It sounds like real people making progress on their job. Abhay also was arguing but in a more restrained way. Great!

    there was someone whose name sounded to me like "Soren" or "Thoren" and who spoke with a north-european accent---I don't know who that could be.

    having a weekly Telephone Seminar seems to be proving a good idea so far.

    next Tuesday Simone Speziale will give the second talk on getting Newton Law from LQG----or graviton propagator from LQG---however you prefer to call it.

    These days Loop is contacting Newton gravity and showing the right low energy largescale limit, or so the seminar people seem to think.

    the hottest part of the discussion is in the last 5 minutes, but it's all good :-)
    to find the link you can just google "rovelli" and there is the link right on his home page, you cant miss it.

    or you can go to the official "International Loop Seminars" page, set up by Jorge Pullin, who is in charge

    that also has the slides and audio of past seminars, and announcement of future ones
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