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The Universe - books for youngsters (?)

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    I apologize if I in the middle of the pro discussions.

    I just finished watching 2 TV shows (from the History channel I think).The Universe Spaceship Earth & Alien Galaxies.
    A great sense of awe arose in me while I was watching 'Alien Galaxies'.

    Now, I'm 17 1/2 yr old. Are there any good modern, updated books (with illustrations and visuals preferred. I'm a very visual guy.) about alien galaxies, and our galaxy? How everything started? maybe a little about Earth itself...how it started? I need insightful books!

    and BTW, can Cosmologists say today that our Earth IS unique, and maybe the Galaxy was 'created' for us? or are those still dark philosophies for now?

    Thank you.
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    "Bang! The Complete History of the Universe" by Linnot, May, Moore
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    I wouldn't say that our earth is unique. The hunt for exoplanets (planets outside our solar system) is a ever increasing one. It is thought that about 10% (although this figure could be much higher) of stars similar to our sun have planets orbitting them, and so one would conjecture that some of these planets will be in the habitable zone, and thus there will probably be life elsewhere.

    I think the question of "whether the earth is created for us" is a philosophical question and not a scientfic one.
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