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The Unruh Effect and Expansion of the Universe

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    The Unruh Effect predicts that a uniformly accelerating observer in a vacuum field (full of perturbations) will observe an effective temperature. We know that space is expanding at an accelerating rate. My question is then, in all inertial reference frames would all 'observers' in the universe hypothetically observe this temperature? Could the observation of this temperature be the missing microstates from within blackholes which leads to the information paradox?
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    Given the Cosmological Principle, I'd say yes. If such a thing exists, it should be the same everywhere (away from massive bodies)

    HUH ???
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    I would be surprised if the expansion of space (accelerated or not) resembles the acceleration considered for the Unruh effect.
    Here is a tricky question: the acceleration (expressed in m/s^2) depends on the distance, but or local observed temperature cannot depend on that. Which distance would we have to choose?
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    No. Unruh radiation is observed by an accelerating observer. An observer in an inertial reference frame (even in an expanding universe) is not an accelerating observer.
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