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Theoretical Physics grad school

  1. Jan 15, 2012 #1
    I have my BS in Physics and Math from the University of MN, 3 years of experimental physics research experience but no publications, about 3.85 technical GPA (but very close to 4 in Physics classes), and a good GRE Physics score.
    I want to go to grad school for theoretical physics, though I don´t have specific research interests, really. I have taken QM and an Introductory Particle physics course at the graduate level and found both of those to be very interesting, but I don´t want to limit myself before I have taken other courses at that level.
    So basically I want a graduate program with widespread theoretical research where I will be able to get a good general education. I can think of many schools I´d like to go to (UChicago, MIT, Caltech, Princeton) but obviously I don´t have a great shot at any of those and so should apply to schools a tier lower. Does anyone have suggestions?

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