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Studying Theoretical physics or pure mathematics?

  1. Oct 3, 2016 #1
    have a nice day. I was torn between mathematics and physics. I do not know which one I wanted. How can I decide? for me; theoretical physics, applied mathematics - topology (dif.topology, alg.topology, geom.topology), differential geometry easy than pure, proof based mathemics. I'm better spatial ability. but at the same time I love the numbers theory. How can I decide? Thank you. I am very little backgorund advanced analysis. what should I do? Up to this time I study always in applied mathematics and theoretical physics. Please help. Thank you
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    for example, I understand all string theory research papers; I understand all articles in high-energy physics. I'm fine with it. but I'am not too good at analysis. Can I be pure mathematician? or continue study theoretical physics ?
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