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Theory about the end and beginning of the universe.

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    I am very new to physics and astronomy, so I don't know much, but I have a theory so tell me what's wrong with it. So assuming the universe is infinite and it continues to expand, as it expands the force of gravity between objects will lessen and eventually matter will no longer have a gravitational force holding them together. Then, without gravity, space time will cause the universe to collapse on itself and the universe will be 'reborn'.
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    If there's no gravity, what then causes the universe to collapse?
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    As gravity decreases, space time increases so then the universe will almost fold on itself.
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    That doesn't make any sense. Space-time increases?? What is there to increase? What does it mean for the universe to fold in on itself? A few remarks: 1. there is no gravitational force in general relativity and 2. the Einstein field equations only determine the local geometry of space-time, not the global topology.
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    How does spacetime increasing result in the universe folding in on itself?
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    Because it it increases so quickly, that dimension warps in comparison to the others, however if gravity did 'disappear' many things would be warped. I'm not sure, I just had an idea in my head that wasn't thought through.
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    This is not the right place to trial balloon a new 'theory'.
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    I recommend you start by learning something about physics and astronomy! A lot of work has been already done on these subjects, and you might learn some interesting stuff from others.
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    For the end of the universe , I subscribe to the big freeze theory:
    As time progresses and the universe continues to expand, eventually matter will move far enough apart that gravity will no longer be sufficient to pull that matter together to make new stars. One by one the stars will go out and the universe will be pitch black.

    this is of course as long as dark energy continues to plug away at a steady rate.

    This sounds like what the OP was trying to describe, excluding the portion about the universe being reborn.
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    This will happen even if it doesn't -- flat and open decelerating cosmologies also end in heat death.
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