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Thermal decomposition of calcium carbonate ?

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    In general, we heat CaCO3 to temperature of approximately 825°C it decomposes into calcium oxide and liberates carbon dioxide gas:

    CaCO3 →825°C→ CaO + CO2

    Is it possible to heat the calcium carbonate at temperatures below 825 degrees Celsius, so the decomposition into calcium oxide.
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    Sure, you can heat it to any temperature you want :wink:

    Please translate into English, no idea what you were trying to ask.
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    If the OP is asking if calcium carbonate will decompose at a temp. below 825 C, the answer is no.

    See this article:


    This type of decomposition occurs only at temperatures above which the Gibbs free energy is zero. Certainly, if this reaction could occur at lower temps., the cement and lime industry would be all over it.
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    This is slightly more complicated, 825 C is probably for a standard state, when the partial pressure of CO2 is expected to be 1 atm.
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    Thank you very much Mr.Borek and SteamKing.
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