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Thermal Goggles, X-Ray Goggles, ?

  1. May 30, 2010 #1
    I have no clue where to post this in the forum, but this seemed like a good place.

    So of course there exists a thing like thermal goggles. Maybe it's partly due to me being still somewhat a kid (19 years old), but it seems terribly fascinating to be looking into a whole new spectrum: the infra-red. I'm tempted to buy thermal goggles, but it's pricy and I might be a bit disappointed with its applications, but on the other hand, it's truly nothing less than looking into a whole new spectrum, as I have said, and anybody interested in the physics of nature should be able to appreciate such a thing.

    I wonder, what is the principle behind Thermal Goggles? And why is it so hard to go into small wavelengths? I have never heard of X-Ray Goggles for example. Do they exist? Is it possible in theory but just very expensive? Because if the infrared-spectrum sounds good to me, then the x-ray and gamma spectrum is just to exciting for words, isn't it.

    Thanks for any input. I have no knowledge whatsoever on the practicalities of all of this.
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