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Thickness of T304 stainless steel

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    Okay im not sure if this is going to make sense to you but please work with me. If i had a rectangular frame of t304 stainless steel 90 feet long and 102 inches wide with supports holding it off the ground at each corner and one support on each 90 foot side in the middle, so theyd be 45 feet in. There will be 2 I-beams also made of t304 connecting the frame from side to side, each one would be 30 feet in. If i were to place 140,000 lbs on the I-beams how thick would and wide would the frame and I-beams ahve to be. Ill try to get a rough picture posted try to show what im talking about thank you.
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    Okay the black is the frame made of t304 stainless steel, the yellow is the I-beams also made of t304. The red are were the supports will be holding the frame off the ground. So how think should the frame and ibeams be if 70 ton total weight were placed on the I-beams.

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    To be frank here for a second, this is pretty standard structural analysis. However, considering the forces you're talking about this seems to be a professional oriented problem not someone tinkering in their back yard.

    I would say that you need to specify A LOT more information before anyone will touch this. You are asking someone you don't know to specify a structural member that can possibly have safety issues as well as insurance implications for you.

    Or...this could be homework and you are just posting in the wrong section.

    Please provide more information before we proceed.
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    Well it does relate to my homework, but i figured it could go in this section because i thought it would be a quick and simple question that didn't really have to be put into the terms of my homework. Just kind of asking what the thickness would have to be with those supports under it and that load on top of it, without it bending. And if this needs to be moved to a different section could someone please do so, because i do not know how. Thank you.
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    That's OK. If that's all it is. I just wanted to make sure someone wasn't trying to make a stand for some industrial unit that could kill people if not done in a professional manner.

    Are you considering the loads completely distributed along the lengths or as point loads?
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    Ha okay, i need to correct something though. This would be for a scale to weigh trucks and there would be a platform on the I-beams that the trucks would pull onto. The frame will actually have to be bigger then 102 inches, i messed that up. The contact point of the tires of the truck would be 102 inches apart (width of the truck). So the I-beams must be 102 inches wide. The frame though can be however wide it needs to be to hold the weight.
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