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News Thieves steal truck with President's equipment

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    ok, now this is crazy. the story, obviously, is that "A truck carrying President Obama's Presidential seals, podiums and $200,000 worth of audio equipment is stolen north of Richmond." but what about the part that is left unsaid? that is, equipment that sits around unguarded for days. would it be too much of a stretch to also wonder if maybe it's not monitored properly to detect tampering ? i'm a bit stunned, to be honest. you'd think it'd at least be left nearby in a more secure location - police department, federal building storage, etc.

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    Perhaps they should at least put an alarm and a tracking device on the truck? Still, the thief on this one earned "dummy of the week" honors - IMO of course.
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    Probably will be from now on.
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    Five unauthorized presidential speeches have already been sighted on the internet.
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    Good one Peng, on a serious note, didn't anyone give a thought about sabotage or worse, can you say DUH !!! loud enough. On second thought, I am sure the SS probably sweeps the truck before it gets anywhere near the President. I could be wrong, but I doubt it, the SS is very good at what they do.

    Rhody... :uhh:
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    "I, President Obama, do hereby declare I am heading to brush my teeth."

    Make that a sixth, as I'm not Obama, and I did not brush my teeth.. So, the Internet is how reliable, PG?

    Far cry from someone hijacking the President's van of goods.
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    I don't think we should jump to any conclusions about security - maybe Joe Biden just forgot where he parked the truck?:tongue:
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