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A truck or lorry is a motor vehicle designed to transport cargo, carry specialized payloads, or perform other utilitarian work. Trucks vary greatly in size, power, and configuration, but the vast majority feature body-on-frame construction, with a cab that is independent of the payload portion of the vehicle. Smaller varieties may be mechanically similar to some automobiles. Commercial trucks can be very large and powerful and may be configured to be mounted with specialized equipment, such as in the case of refuse trucks, fire trucks, concrete mixers, and suction excavators. In American English, a commercial vehicle without a trailer or other articulation is formally a "straight truck" while one designed specifically to pull a trailer is not a truck but a "tractor".The majority of trucks currently in use are still powered by diesel engines, although small- to medium-size trucks with gasoline engines exist in the US, Canada, and Mexico. The market-share of electrically-powered trucks is growing rapidly, expected to reach 7% globally by 2027, and electric motive force already predominates among both the largest and smallest trucks. In the European Union, vehicles with a gross combination mass of up to 3.5 t (3.4 long tons; 3.9 short tons) are known as light commercial vehicles, and those over as large goods vehicles.

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  1. I

    Max distance a truck can travel without box falling off

    The equation at the bottom is me attempting to solve for the distance. Without knowing the mass of the box and truck my approach to this problem isn't possible?
  2. F

    Building my own Digital Solid-state Compass

    I'm interested in making a digital compass that I can install on my truck, just for the fun of it. I've looked online and found some simple 8-point designs, which is probably suitable for what I have in mind, but it did raise the question: What would it take to make one capable of resolution on...
  3. P

    Getting the truck over the crossing

    If the truck accelerates at 1.47 fps until it reaches its top speed of 8.8 fps, then it takes approximately six seconds to reach the top speed (1.47 x 6 = 8.82). In its first six seconds, the truck covers 30.87 feet (the truck reaches 8.8 after traveling 23.2 feet). To cover the remaining 57.13...
  4. neilparker62

    B Fundamental Problems With Exam Question: Moving Truck & Acceleration

    Is it just me or are there some fundamental problems with this exam question ? What is driving me bananas is you have a moving truck (constant velocity). Then the truck "accelerates" but the block in the back of the truck "stays in the same place". Does this mean relative to the ground...
  5. Y

    Friction on a box in the bed of a pickup truck accelerating up an incline

    hey i would like to get some help with this question i try to answer it but it was not correct i like to know what i did wrong and how i can fix it:
  6. rudransh verma

    A truck and a car coming to a stop

    If ##F## is constant, then mass is inversely proportional to ##dv/dt##. But ##dv## is constant too. So mass is proportional to ##dt##. More massive the body more time it will take to stop covering more distance. So car will cover less distance. Is my logic right ?
  7. chwala

    Find the distance between the car and the truck- Mechanics

    Find the problem and the solution below; Find my approach to the problem. Considering the motion of the car; ##v=u+at## ##33.333= 26.6667+30a## ##a=0.2222## Therefore it follows that, ##s##=## ut##+##\frac {1}{2}####at^2## ##s##=##(26.67 ×30 +(0.5×0.222×30^2)## ##s=900##metres The distance...
  8. Franklie001

    Newton's second law -- Crate sliding in the back of an accelerating truck

    Hi everyone is able to help solve this question for my assignment in university? I've draw a free body diagram for each component of the question but now i am stuck. [Mentor Note -- Poster has been reminded to show their work when starting a new schoolwork thread]
  9. rudransh verma

    A scooterist trying to overtake truck

    If 150s is the time in which overtaking has to occur then why are they using this eqn: xp=x0+xs.
  10. K

    Calculation of the rise in the temperature of a truck brake

    The text gives the answer as 92ºC. The answer is arrived at by doing ##Q=Mgh=mc\Delta T##. But it is unclear to me if they are the same. I checked the coefficient of friction and it definitely seems to be considerable. Is the entire PE lost by the truck going to result in increasing the...
  11. Leo Liu

    News Muslim family in Canada killed in 'premeditated' truck attack

    https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-57390398 https://lfpress.com/news/local-news/who-is-nathaniel-veltman-accused-in-alleged-london-hate-killings This tragedy happened in London, Canada (not the one in UK) where I went to high school. I was totally surprised by the fact that tragic events...
  12. P

    Static friction coefficient for a crate in the back of a truck

    I drew a free body diagram for the crate. I have normal force going up, weight down, static friction force to the left and the force of the crate sliding to the right. I'm assuming the truck is moving to the left. I have Fnet=0 because the crate is not moving, so the forces are balanced. I...
  13. V

    Does the exhaust of a truck match the velocity of the truck?

    My doubt is whether its correct to assume that the exhaust is having the velocity of truck when it comes out of the exhaust pipe. So, I am not sure if Ve = Vt. Should not the exhaust come out in a south direction from exhaust pipe since truck is moving in north direction? If yes, then it cannot...
  14. plainairpainter

    Construction Aluminum Cantilever for Truck Camper

    (Continuing from the summary...) I want to build this safely, so I am putting this out here for expert advice. My choice for the shape for the aluminum cantilever is angle, T, square tubing or round. The foam is 2” thick, so I’d like to keep the supports at 2” in width and height. I need to...
  15. R

    Car passing a truck — calculating the relative motions

    The question was translated from finnish so apologies if everything doesn't make sense:) and please do tell if the equations are wrong.
  16. C

    Is the Braking Force of a Truck Really 0.8?

    Hi guys I'm a truck driver. Not sure if I'm posting in the right place so i apologise. Iv'e been on a course today about trucks. The course leader was talking about forces. A trucks force forwards can be 0.8. Is this true?
  17. anonymous99999

    Problem with a car and a truck

    A truck passes a point A on a straight level road with a constant velocity of 10 m s -1. At the same instant, an automobile starts from rest at point A and travels in the same direction as the truck, with a constant acceleration of 1.6 m s -2. How long a time does the automobile take to pass...
  18. jamesdhurai

    Lifting height of a box in a truck going over a speed bump

    hey guys need to know the way to find the solution to the problem. Consider a truck which is traveled in a speed of 60km per hour. A package weighs 50 kg is placed inside the truck with side supports to arrest the movement in x and y direction. But the top movement (z axis) is not arrested...
  19. LCSphysicist

    Cylinder rolling without slipping on a truck

    I don't know how to start it Is the truck who make the cylinder roll, initially? If yes, how? Since the truck force would pass by the center of the cylinder.
  20. rakailee

    Truck with attached inclined plane and a block on the incline

    I tried solving this by assuming the acceleration of the truck and block to be the same so the block would stay on the incline. Also, I would assume truck ma = static friction, block ma = mgsintheta... then I solved for a to plug into 1st equation to get 12990 N. Is this correct? I wasn't sure...
  21. A

    Statically Indeterminate Truck - Finding reaction forces at supports

    If you do the sum of vertical forces and sum of moments, you're always left with an unknown. Vertical Forces: Ray + Rby + Rcy = 59kN + 45kN (1) Sum of Moments about A: (59 x 1.85) - (Rby x 3.7) - (Rcy x 4.8) + (45 x 6.5) = 0...
  22. A

    The Physics of Truck Braking: Why Shorter Distances When Sliding?

    The truck stops in a shorter distance if the crate slides but why is this the case considering that friction on the crate does positive work on the truck, since it points left for the crate but right for the truck thereby opposing the braking force? I understand why using the equation 1/2mv^2 =...
  23. WWJR

    B Can a Fire Tornado Flip an 8 Ton Truck?

    Posting from over here in Australia, we've been going through some nasty bushfires and on the news I saw a report of a fire truck that had a full tank of water get flipped on its side and resulting in one fire fighter losing his life - apparently a fire tornado flipped the truck. My question...
  24. E

    Engine explodes out of tractor pull semi truck

    A diesel engine explodes and literally shoots out of a tractor pulling truck. Apparently this type of thing is fairly common in the sport of tractor pulling, but it's much more common for the engine to simply explode.
  25. J

    Electric mining truck creates electric power

    A fully electric mining truck has been built that does not burn fuel. It has a 600 kilowatt-hour battery pack, and they need to discharge about 200 KwH of that every night to keep from overcharging it. The secret: It's loaded at the top of the hill, and unloaded at the bottom. The regenerated...
  26. jisbon

    Relative velocity of a ball thrown inside a moving truck

    Hi all, Not sure on how to start this question in the first place, but from what I gathered from the data given I managed to derive this from the question: ##\theta = 53.13\deg## Let inside truck be t, final position be f, and ground be g ##D_{ft} = L## ##D_{fg} = xL## Also, for velocity...
  27. R

    Linkage design for Excavator and Dump truck

    Hi, I need to know the name of some very good books for learning linkage design. I have to design some complex system using Linkage. I have to design excavator, truck and crane and hydraulics machines and civil Engineering Machnies, Agriculture machines, robot arm. I have a little knowledge in...
  28. F

    MHB Truck Height Limit for Ellipse Overpass: 40ft Wide, 15ft High

    The question asks, "A one-way road has an overpass in the form of a semi-ellipse, 15 ft high at the center, and 40 ft wide. Assuming a truck is 12 ft wide, what is the tallest truck that can pass under the overpass?" I don't think this is a super complicated question yet it proves to be too...
  29. CynicusRex

    Appropriate tightness of bolts between skateboard and trucks

    As you can see in the pictures below the trucks are attached to the skateboard with four screws nuts and bolts, with a 2~3mm piece of rubber between the truck and the board. I've always wondered if tightening the screws bolts harder, decreases or increases the strength of the 7-layered plywood...
  30. P

    MHB Time for truck to go down ramp and reach point B

    A 2000 kg truck is resting at the top of a parking lot ramp which is at a 15 degree slope. It is then shifted into Neutral and starts moving. How long does it take the truck to get from A to B in seconds? There is a 15 degree slope on the ramp. uk is 0.08 Assume there is no air resistance.
  31. A

    Efficiency of an Electric motor pulling a truck up an inclined plane

    Homework Statement See picture. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I tried at first just doing (1/3)*(48kJ) to get the energy dissipated, but that would i=give me 16kJ
  32. berkeman

    What is this truck doing in my neighborhood gas station?

    I was getting gas today on my way home from work, and the apparatus on top of this box truck parked in the parking lot caught my eye. Just as with unusual antennas, when I see something like this I need to take a closer look to see if I can figure out what it is being used for. (Luckily no...
  33. A

    Work Required to Move a Piano Onto a Truck

    Homework Statement Movers must push a piano onto a truck, the bed of which is a height 1.35 m above the ground. To do this they will use a frictionless ramp. If the piano has a mass of 1806.0 kg and the movers push it up the slope at a constant velocity, how much work do they need to do on it...
  34. N


    Homework Statement Two identical trucks traveling at different constant speeds are about to collide. The trucks are traveling in opposite directions with truck A going at a velocity of 3m/s right and truck B going at 4m/s left. During the collision, will the magnitude of the acceleration of...
  35. G

    Truck carrying a box, friction problem

    Homework Statement A truck (mass M) is carrying a box (mass m) in its flatbed, traveling along a straight, level road at speed v, when the driver sees a deer in the road a distance d ahead. The driver slams on the brakes to cause the truck to skid to a stop. The coefficient of kinetic friction...
  36. B

    Gaming PC in my 2018 Kenworth T680 Truck -- Power Issues?

    Hello I'm trying to set up my gaming computer in my 2018 Kenworth T680 but having power issues. Both with the monitor and the tower. But mostly the monitor. I realize the power inverter is likely incompatible with monitor and tower PSU. I need a workaround. Issue: Monitor works interminitly for...
  37. Beth N

    Projectile Motion: time it takes for projectile to hit truck

    Homework Statement Problem: 5. 37 [/B] With reference to the figure below, the projectile is fired with an initial velocity ##v_0=35 m/s ## at θ=23°. Truck is moving along X with constant speed of 15m/s At instant projectile is fired, back of truck is at x=45m Find time for the projectile to...
  38. N

    Common velocity after truck starts pulling a car

    Homework Statement Truck is connected to a car with a rope of given length. The truck starts accelerating with a given acceleration and at some moment starts pulling the car. What is their common velocity just after the car starts moving? Homework Equations I know how to calculate the...
  39. B

    Forces acting on a truck on a slope

    Homework Statement The truck is on the slope 45 degrees and on it is acting a horizontal external force. How big is the force of the ground if the mass of the truck is 5000 kg and the truck is not sliding down the slope? Homework Equations First of all I drew myself a sketch. Then I asked...
  40. Leo t

    Rotary motion to lift a dump truck

    Homework Statement In my robotics class I was task with creating a robot to lift and house objects, I have the lifting mechanism, and a housing area, but I can't figure how to get the bucket of the robot to dump using a rotary motor. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution Tried to fixate...
  41. Y

    Automotive What limits the max power rating of a V-Belt drive?

    We know that belt drives are limited in their max possible power rating and most high power/torque applications(trucks) use gear drives. I wanted to know the main factor that limits the power/torque rating of belts. Is it Frictional slip or Belt material? If the frictional slip could be...
  42. W

    Car Catching up to a Truck

    Homework Statement A car traveling 93 km/h is 250 m behind a truck traveling 81 km/h. How long will it take the car to reach the truck (in seconds)? Homework Equations d=tv The Attempt at a Solution dc = 93t dt = 81t dc = dt + 250 93t = 81t + 250 12t = 250 t = 250/12 t = 20.83h = 75,000sec...
  43. Bill_Nye_Fan

    Finding the Braking Force of a Truck on an Inclined Plane

    Homework Statement A truck of mass 1.5 tonnes (1500 kg) is moving at a speed of 36 km/h down a hill of slope 1 in 6. The driver applies the breaks and the truck comes to rest after 2 seconds. Find the breaking force, which is assumed to be constant, ignoring any other resistant forces...
  44. Pushoam

    Angular velocity of a door as a truck accelerates

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution Let's consider a cylindrical coordinate system whose z-axis coincides with the hinge and origin is the lowest point of the hinge. Let's say that the truck moves along the x-axis. W.r.t. this frame, Torque about the hinge ## \vec...
  45. A

    Find mass of load that falls off truck

    Homework Statement A truck with a heavy load has a total mass of 7500 kg. It is climbing a 15 degree incline at a steady 15 m/s when, unfortunately, the poorly secured load falls off! Immediately after losing the load, the truck begins to accelerate at 1.5 m/s 2 . What was the mass of the load...
  46. javii

    When the truck is at rest, will the crate also be at rest?

    Homework Statement I have attached the known information. When the truck is at rest, will the crate also be at rest or will it slide downwards? Homework Equations Sum F_y =0 G_max = (my_s)*N G_min = (my_k) * N The Attempt at a Solution I did a Free body diagram on the crate (see the attached...
  47. Mr Davis 97

    Calculating the Force on a Fire Truck Pumping Water onto a Burning Building

    Homework Statement A fire truck pumps a stream of water on a burning building at a rate K kg/s. The stream leaves the truck at an angle ##\theta## with respect to the horizontal and strikes the building horizontally at height h above the nozzle. What is the magnitude of the force on the truck...