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Thin film physicist unfairly targeted by Justice Dept.

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    It's disturbing that the investigators and prosecutor did not obtain proper evidence.

    Stranger still is the fact that 'pocket heater' technology is available through the patent office.

    Device and method for fabricating thin films by reactive evaporation
    US 8290553 B2

    And apparently similar technology is patented in China.
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    I agree that it's disturbing that the investigators and prosecutors did not bother to obtain proper evidence or consult with experts in the field before pursuing charges against Dr. Xi. There are echoes here of the investigation of Wen Ho Lee years ago by the Justice Department.


    I can also imagine that such an investigation could have a potential chilling effect on open collaboration with scientists outside of the US, as well as potentially closing the door to non-Americans from either pursuing graduate studies or pursuing opportunities in the US.
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    Buzz Bloom

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    I am disappointed that Xi Xiaoxing is not suing the US Department of Justice for damages arising from his false arrest.
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    I have heard some pretty bad things from some international students on how they get treated. Clearly difficult for them to complain : not only does advisor have their future in his/her hands, but advisor also indirectly controls immigration status. Internationals dont know their rights, dont understand legal system, often don't even understand language well. Either be in good terms or go back to your country, tail between your legs, without a degree. Not much room for airing grievances under these conditions. Of course, similar issue for internationals in any country.
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