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Third QG-Americas conference 24-26 August

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    thanks to Yidun Wan for this reminder
    the third QG-Americas conference will be held at Penn State

    Conference Program

    Thursday, August 24th:

    1. 9:00-10:30 AM: Renormalization Group and Einstein Gravity. Chair: Max Niedermaier (max at phys.univ-tours.fr); Rapporteur: Frank Saueressig (40 minutes); Robert Oeckl (15)

    2. 11:00-12:30PM: Loop Quantum Cosmology . Chair: David Craig (craigda at lemoyne.edu); Rapporteur: Parampreet Singh (40); Tomasz Pawlowski (15)

    3. 2:00-3:30PM: Cosmology and Observations. Chair: Ted Jacobson (tajac at physics.umd.edu); Rapporteurs: Daniel Sudarsky and Nelson Nunes (25+10 each)

    4. 4:00-5:30PM: Effective Descriptions. Chair: Martin Bojowald (bojowald at gravity.psu.edu); Rapporteurs: Laurent Friedel and Radu Roiban (25+10 each).

    Friday, August 25th:

    5. 9:00-10:30AM: Discrete Approaches. Chair: Rodolfo Gambini (rgambini at fisica.edu.uy); Rapporteurs: Luca Bombelli and Jorge Pullin. (25+10 each)

    6. 11:00-12:30PM: The Physical Sector of LQG. Chair: Jorge Pullin (pullin at lsu.edu); Rapporteurs: Jerzy Lewandowski and Bianca Dittrich (25+10 each)

    7. 2:00-3:30PM: Spin Foams. Chair: Laurent Freidel (lfreidel at perimeterinstitute.ca); Rapporteurs: Robert Oeckl and Florian Conrady (25+10 each)

    8. 4:00PM-5:30PM: Quantum Geometry and Matter. Chair: Seth Major (smajor at hamilton.edu); Rapporteurs: Kevin Vandersloot, Mikhail Kagan (20+5 each) and Fotini Markopoulou (25+5)

    Saturday, August 26th:

    9. 9:00-10:30AM: Quantum Gravity Phenomenology. Chair: Daniel Sudarsky (sudarsky at nucleares.unam.mx); Rapporteur: David Mattingly (40)

    10. 11:00-12:30PM: Mathematical Issues in LQG. Chair: Jerzy Lewandowski (jerzy.lewandowski at fuw.edu.pl); Speakers: Jonathan Engle, Jose-Antonio Zapata and Daniel Cartin/Gaurav Khanna (20+10 each)

    11. 2:00-3:30PM: Interface of Gravity, Thermodynamics and Cosmology . Chair: Warner Miller (wam at fau.edu); Rapporteurs: Ted Jacobson and Stephon Alexander (25+10, each)

    12. 4:00PM-5:30PM: Discussion and Summary. Chair: Alejandro Corichi (corichi at nucleares.unam.mx); Speakers: .........., Ashtekar
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    would anyone be willing to go to Yidun Wan's blog
    and ask him to report a bit?

    Yidun is there all right. L.S. told him to get his self down to Penn State
    and take in the conference.


    BTW according to what Francesca said, Lee Smolin is not going to conferences these days because
    of two important arrivals----only one of which is that of his new book.
    If that's so, it will be an unusual QG conference if only because of Smolin's absence.
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    Dear Marcus,
    Thanks for your advertising! I wrote a "not a report" last night. I guess it is not so satisfactory to really curious people. link: http://www.wanyidun.com .
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    Yidun, thanks much!
    I have not read your "Not-a" report yet. I will go do that now.
    I hope you add to it, no matter how long it is!
    Many of us have no window into that conference besides what you and others might blog about it.


    I read your blog and am delighted to learn that some audio of talks will be posted! I assume also PDF of lecture slides.
    From past experience I can not believe that they will be posted within a week, however.

    In your paragraph about Freidel's talk you may be making an accidental error similar to a typo.

    "He tries formulate a generic framework of spin foam quantum gravity with qauntum field theory that recovers the classical gravity in 2+1 or 4+1 dimensions when G -> 0. This ..."

    I think that in the zero gravity limit Freidel wants to recover USUAL QUANTUM FIELD THEORY---the field theory of usual Feynman diagrams for usual particle fields on a flat space.

    I also believe he checks to see that he recovers classical gravity, but in another, different, limit. Maybe I am wrong but you might check to be sure. Also maybe you wrote 4+1 when you intended to write 3+1, but this doesnt matter much and indeed they seems to be always going up to 4+1 these days as a way of handling de-Sitter business.

    thanks again for the report!
    Please tell us when the lecture files are ready to listen to and watch.
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    Thanks for correcting the typo/mistakes for me. Yes, I did mean 3+1.:smile: Besides, I think Prof. Freidel wants to recover both QFT and GR. Since I paid too much attention to the inverse problem, I mistakenly wrote down GR in that case. I am gonna correct them now.
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    great guy, I envy you that epic car trip + wide-ranging discussion reported on yr blog
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