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A conference is a meeting of people who "confer" about a topic. Conference types include:

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  1. P

    Everett and Gell-Mann at the notable Massagon(?) meeting

    While discussing at https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/why-is-there-no-consensus-about-the-meaning-of-probability-in-mwi.1059618/post-7054892 somebody posted this video: where Gell-Mann in a interview with Geoffrey West discusses the contributions of Everett. He says in the transcript...
  2. pinball1970

    AI Conference at Bletchley Park: Exploring the Future of Artificial Intelligence

  3. gleem

    Astrobiology Conference in Seattle

    Just found this conference which started on Monday and terminates today is being live streamed here. The theme this year is “Understanding and Enabling the Search for Life on Worlds Near and Far.” The program may remain available for some time after the conference closes.
  4. gleem

    I Some comments on the 2019 Planetary Defense Conference

    The 6th Annual International Academy of Astronautics Conference on Planetary Defense ended this past Friday. I watched about half of the presentations. I have little astronomy background but was interested in what was being done about NEO detection, characterization effects and mitigation...
  5. gleem

    6th International Academy of Astronautic Conference, Livestreamed

    If you have the time to watch what I have seen today is very interesting. Discussions on detecting a dealing with possible hazardous asteroids. https://sservi.nasa.gov/event/2019-iaa-planetary-defense-conference-live-stream/ Going on now Monday 5:15 pm EST
  6. robphy

    Upcoming AAPT Meetings: Call for Papers & Dates

    In anyone is interested, here are the upcoming AAPT meetings. I just got an email for a call for papers for the Provo meeting. https://www.aapt.org/conferences/call4papers.cfm 2019 Summer Meeting, July 20-24 (Utah Valley Convention Center, Provo, Utah) 2020 Winter Meeting, January 18-21...
  7. Gamma

    Anyone attending AAPT Summer 18 Conference in DC?

    Is anyone attending the AAPT SU18 conference in Washington, DC? I am, and I have signed up for the LabEscape (I guess we need to solve a mystery to 'escape from the lab'), but need 6 people in the group to play this game. If you are going and interested in taking part in this cool puzzle game...
  8. ohwilleke

    I What are the Priority Tasks for High Energy Physics Beyond the Standard Model?

    This 54 page review article from a September 2017 conference in Portugal is a good starting point for people wanting an overall summary of the state of BSM physics theories that is reasonably up to date, and may suggest questions about specific theories that deserve more attention in this forum...
  9. I

    Other Software for making a physics poster for an academic conference

    Hi all I'm not really sure where to post this. I just wanted to ask what software do you use, or would you recommend, for making a physics poster for an academic conference (physics)? I'd go with PowerPoint + latex plug-in because I've used that a ton before, but maybe there are better ways to...
  10. F

    A Do you think this year's string conference solved anything

    I just found out about the lectures, are there any interesting or profound ones. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFeW8O-DWElfT436yuivT6g/videos
  11. robphy

    AAPT 2017 Summer Meeting-Cincinnati, OH (Jul 22-26, 2017)

    The AAPT Winter Meeting in Atlanta ( https://www.aapt.org/Conferences/wm2017/ ) is going on now. Unfortunately, this meeting was scheduled for now [in the middle of the semester], rather than its usual time in January [during my break]. So, I wasn't able to make it. However, the website for the...
  12. Farhad70

    Other Choosing fundamental journals or conferences

    I have done a fundamental research about relativity but i can't find right journal or conference. can anyone help me?
  13. robphy

    Anyone attending AAPT Sacramento? MAA MathFest Columbus?

    Just thought I'd ask again (and again)... (It'll be my first MAA meeting.) https://www.aapt.org/Conferences/sm2016/ http://www.maa.org/meetings/mathfest The upcoming AAPT conferences are listed at https://www.aapt.org/Conferences/ 2017 Winter Meeting, February 18-21 (Atlanta, Georgia) 2017...
  14. marcus

    A Info escape from BH (videos up from Nordita conference)

    20 videos from last summer's conference have been posted: http://www.nordita.org/video/index.php?ev=hrad2015 For example here is Rovelli's 39 minute talk on a solution of GR which allows tunneling of BH to WH and calculating time and amplitudes for transition of collapse to explosion...
  15. R

    Funding for attending a conference

    I have been asked by my supervisor to submit an abstract to a conference with a view to making a poster for the event. But, I need a source of funding i.e. travel expenses etc is anyone on here aware on how I would find a source? I am in the UK. Thanks for any advice / suggestions.
  16. M

    Tips for sorting conferences in CV

    I am a freshly graduated engineering student and am currently writing my first CV. At the end of my studies I attended one conference as a research paper author and another one as a guest lecturer on the same topic as the previous conference. I suppose both are important to be included in a CV...
  17. robphy

    AAPT 2015 Summer Meeting-College Park, MD (Jul 25-29, 2015)

    http://www.aapt.org/Conferences/sm2015/ "The 2015 AAPT Summer meeting will take place on the campus of the University of Maryland, College Park. College Park, Maryland is also the home of the American Association of Physics Teachers." Abstract submissions are now open... until Feb 25...
  18. Greg Bernhardt

    Press Conference on Major Discovery - primordial B modes?

    Press Conference on Major Discovery -- primordial B modes? Anyone have more information on this? Any speculation? http://www.spaceref.com/news/viewpr.html?pid=42751
  19. A

    Conference Opportunities for Nuclear/High Energy Physics in March 2014

    I have just heard some good news that I will get funds to join a conference/meeting/workshop. This event must be held until the end of March. I am interested in any event on nuclear/high energy physics. Preferably I would like it to be on intrumentation/detectors but there is a flexibility...
  20. R

    Southeastern Massachusetts Conference Math League: Set theory, gcf,lcm

    Homework Statement 2.) if jimmy piles his baseball cards in stacks of 4, then there is 1 left over. if he piles them in stacks of 7, there are 4 left over. If he piles them in stacks of 9, there are 6 lefty over. If he piles them in stacks of 10, there are 7 left over. compute the smallest...
  21. D

    Active Noise Cancellation for Conference Room

    Hi! I am currently trying to find a good Active Noise Cancellation System for a conference room that we are currently designing. The room is 26' l x 14'-8" w x 9' h. One long wall and one short wall are made out of STC 55 gypsum board and have acoustic wall panels; the other short wall is...
  22. T

    Einstein-Bohr Debates : Solvay Conference Questions

    Homework Statement 1) How did Bohr integrate ideas from classical and quantum physics? 2) Which ideas discussed throughout the conference have been good for humanity? Homework Equations none The Attempt at a Solution 1) Bohr included different experiments to prove that a...
  23. L

    Conference Proceedings in BibTex

    I'm unsure about the appropriate location for this thread, so please move this topic, if necessary. I'm trying to add conference proceedings to my BibTex database, but I can't manage to get it working. If I use @CONFERENCE or @INPROCEEDINGS, the title of the paper will not be italicized...
  24. L

    An AAS Conference Story: Hilarious and Heart-Wrenching

    I thought this was worth sharing, filmed at an AAS conference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTvajOQ_xak Both hilarious and a little sad.
  25. Q

    How do I benefit from a conference?

    I am attending a condensed matter, BEC, superfluid related conference. I found though I work in this area but not continuously, I can hardly understand what people are talking about and what people are interested in. This let me feel that I am wasting my time in the conference room. The topics...
  26. R

    What to expect from a physics conference?

    So I just started college as a freshman and there will be a nice astrophysics conference next week. I'd like to go, but I'm not sure about how complex these conferences are. I'm able to get most of concepts to a low, media-explained level, but I'm afraid I couldn't be able to get MOST of the...
  27. S

    Planck 2013 Conference: April 2-5

    I just noticed this has been announced by ESA, maybe its old news, so apologies if it is; but it looks like we have a date for the first cosmological data release of PLanck http://congrexprojects.com/13a11 2-5 April 2013 "The objective of the conference is to present and discuss the...
  28. J

    What Topics Will Be Covered at the 8th Aruban PF Conference?

    Call for papers. This conference is scheduled for the week of Feb 24 - Mar 3, 2013. We need speakers on the following topics. Solar activity. Oceanic activity. Wind activity (especially soft breezes) Sand activity. Inactivity.
  29. marcus

    Fundamental Cosmology conference (Stockholm, November 2012)

    There's an interesting conference taking place this month at the NORDITA institute for theoretical physics in Stockholm. It brings together, from a number of different areas, researchers working on various models of what was happening around the start of expansion--replacing the "singularity"...
  30. G

    Where can i know what conference related to material science can be found?

    where can i know what conference related to material science can be found? as topic
  31. E

    Multiple submission to journal and conference

    can i submit same research work (multiple submission) in two different journal and conference? after getting the final result i will keep the work either in the journal or in the conference. i have submitted the work to a journal and the review result will take a long time. in the...
  32. U

    A brief rant about conference proceedings

    (Apologies if this topic is better suited for a different forum - please move if inappropriate.) Conference proceedings are meaningless when evaluating a CV, as they are not peer reviewed. However, nearly all well regarded journals require exclusivity for the publishing of data (i.e., that it...
  33. J

    What is the Schedule for the 7th Aruban PF Conference?

    OK boys and girls, it's that time of year again. I put out a call for papers and got a good response. Here is the schedule. April 27 - Arrival, orientation April 28 - 8:00 am - 4:00pm: Heat flows in vegetable matter - turbo April 29 - 8:00 am - 4:00pm: Large scale smallness - micromass April 30...
  34. B

    Survival of the Fittest: The Ultimate Dilemma on the Titanic

    In this past Saturday's mail, I received the Fall 2011 New England Section Newsletter of the American Physical Society which proudly announces a conference on Climate Change and the Future of Nuclear Power to be held at the University of Massachusetts Amherst on Friday and Saturday, November...
  35. T

    June National Conference: Who's Attending Next Week?

    Anyone else planning to attend next week?
  36. N

    Conference Non-Commutative Geometry, Strings and Gravity

    A Conference in Tours on May 25-27 2011 organized by Prof. Ali Chamseddine and Prof. Michael Volkov and supported by the STUDIUM. The purpose of the STUDIUM CONFERENCE A conference to discuss recent developments in Noncommutative Geometry, Strings and Gravity among leaders in the three...
  37. marcus

    Which conference lineup interests you more? (Strings '11 or mixed-QG 11)

    QG 11 is a mixed conference (String, SUGRA, Loop, Noncommutative, AsymSafe, Causal...). It starts next week in Zurich. A mere three days after QG 11 is over, Strings 2011 will start in Uppsala. So the two conferences are back-to-back, suggesting comparison. Which of the two turns out more...
  38. J

    What's the Beach Schedule for the 6th Aruban PF Conference?

    Greg has asked me to decide where the 6th Aruban PF conference would be held and I concluded that Aruba would be just the place. I haven't completed the schedule yet, but here is a partial one. 3/26 - morning checkin, head for the beach. 3/27 - beach 3/28 - beach 3/29 - beach 3/30 - beach 3/31...
  39. marcus

    Plug for Bee Hossenfelder blog (QG phenom'ist and conference organizer)

    Bee has organized two conferences on "The Experimental Search for Quantum Gravity". She is a QG phenomenologist. It's a hard and valuable field. We need to check for observable traces of different QG models. Bee and her husband Stefan run one of the best physics blogs. You might want to...
  40. chemisttree

    NASA NASA Sets News Conference on Astrobiology Discovery

    The LGM hunters have something to say! http://www.nasa.gov/home/hqnews/2010/nov/HQ_M10-167_Astrobiology.html
  41. chemisttree

    NASA Sets News Conference on Astrobiology Discovery

    Pay attention on Thursday at 2pm ET! http://www.nasa.gov/home/hqnews/2010/nov/HQ_M10-167_Astrobiology.html
  42. J

    Purpose of Conference Paper? (Strategy for writing one?)

    Didn't really know what board to put this post on, but anyway... After finishing a 10 day lab project, I'm expected to produce a 2 (possibly 3) page conference paper about it. Having never written a conference paper before I'm not too sure what to include and what not to... I have...
  43. T

    Attending my first APS conference (DPP)

    In one week I'll be flying to Chicago with my group to attend my first APS conference, the APS Division of Plasma Physics (DPP). This is a pretty critical moment in my academic career, as I'm a senior undergraduate in the process of applying for graduate school, and I want to make a good...
  44. P

    National vs. international conference

    Hi. This isn't really a technical question, but here it goes. I'm filling out an application, and I have to indicate whether the conferences I have attended are institutional, national, or international. How do you distinguish these? From what I can tell, almost all conferences allow...
  45. C

    Should I Attend a National Poster Conference?

    I have a poster conference coming up in two weeks and I am still deciding if i should go or not. First of all, i haven't really begun the poster because I've been traveling in the east coast a lot helping my family move. Secondly, the conference would mean that I would miss out on a whole...
  46. MTd2

    Scientific American article about conference on Garrett Lisi's ideas.

    http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=rummaging-for-a-final-theory I cannot see anything new at all there. I hope other people here can help me see something relevant here. I found this while checking Garrett's twitter.
  47. Dembadon

    Corporate Chaos: The Dangers of Buzzwords and Faddish Business Philosophies

    While on a conference call, I learned a new word: cross-collaboration. Neat, huh? I almost spit-up my coffee. My boss and I had a good chuckle, while on mute, and it wasn't until an hour or so later that it actually began to really irritate me. This person, who probably makes a nauseatingly...
  48. J

    What Can You Expect at the 5th Aruban PF Conference?

    This is a call for participants in the 5th Aruban PF conference. A limited number of beach chairs have been reserved for this year's conference on one happy island. This is a tax-payer funded all-expenses paid trip. That means that I, the tax-payer, will fund the trip and pay all expenses for...
  49. marcus

    QG with an Orsay accent (what I got from the Perimeter AsymSafe conference)

    For me the most exciting talk, with the most new content, was by Vincent Rivasseau. He is at Orsay. That means the top Paris center for physics theory. We should get some slight acquaintance with the person, as well as his current research. http://www.rivasseau.com/index.html Born in 1955...
  50. J

    Permutations in a conference

    Homework Statement At a conference of 5 powers,each deligation consists of 3 members. If each delegation sits together, with the leader in the middle, in how many ways ca the members be arranged at a round table? Homework Equations No. of ways of arranging n objects around a...