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This is probably the wrong place to ask, but

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    Here is the thing, I got back my AP report today and apparently this happened

    1. Two of my exams are missing from the report
    2. I don't know how, but I got a 3 for my AP Chem, I was sure that I got a 4. Should I get a rescore? I don't want to do first-year chem again...
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    Most schools that accept AP exams for credit (not all of them do, no matter what you scored) will take a 3, or at least let you skip intro chem with a 3 even if you don't get credit for it. However, if it's required for your major or you're doing pre-med, you shouldn't skip it no matter how well you did on the exam. It's unlikely a re-score will do anything for you but cost you money. Can't help with the missing scores.
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    My school doesn't really take 3s...it's a 4 or 5
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    Rescore? Does it actually seem more likely to you that they made a mistake than that you misjudged your performance? Sounds like denial to me...
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    I always score well on the practice FRQ, I just feel that I cuoldn't have scored a 3.
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    About the missing exams, I would suggest that you contact College Board and ask them about that. As far as your AP Chem score, I agree with Johng23 that it is much more likely that you made a mistake on the exam and a re-score would most likely be a waste of your time and money. However, that is completely up to you.
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