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This Object ALWAYS Spins Counter-Clockwise, why?

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    Hey guys,

    I've read these forums a ton over the years and found everything I needed merely by searching. But alas, the day has come where I've needed to create an account to help me with a problem.

    I have to determine why this object ALWAYS spins counter-clockwise. Whether you spin it clockwise, tap it, push it - it doesn't matter... pretty bizarre.

    Here are some picture and appreciate the help:

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    What you said kind of doesn't make sense. When you spin it clockwise it spins counterclockwise?

    And can you give more details about what it is? Where did you get it?
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    See this article: The Amazing Rattleback!

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    The author of that page missed Thomas R. Kane, the author of modern dynamics theory ("Kane's method"). He and David Levinsion published "Realistic Mathemaical Modeling of the Rattleback" in 1982. This paper preceded both Hubbard's and Bondi's papers.
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    Thanks for the leads guys!
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