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Three Star General + Beer + Helicopters

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    I went to an American Helicopter Society (AHS) DC, chapter meeting tonight. It's full of people who are big in the government and industry. This months guest speaker was with Dell Dailey of the US department of state (He's a former chopper pilot, blackhawks, cobra, and hueys). He said whatever he said is 'off the record' at the start of the meeting, so I won't specifically go into what he said. But none the less, it was a very very interesting talk. He reports daily to the white house situation room. But overall, I was very impressed by what he had to say. The government is looking at counter terrorism in a much more sophisticated way than the media presents. Basically, they are well aware and working hard with allies to stem the problem of terrorism that isnt just capture and kill, but also to stop the problem from the root cause, which are socio-economic.

    Not every day you get to meet a former three star general and have a beer with him. He was a very good speaker. That was one of the better meetings there.


    Anyways, you're in good hands!

    PS: Join professional societies, you get to meet some pretty cool people!
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    Hi Cyrus! :smile:
    Do you get free food? :tongue2:
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    There are a very serious programs at the Pentagon and within the military academies and specialty centers to look at the root cause and mitigating factors of terrorism.
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    It looks like the coolest job in the world!! :biggrin:
    (even more if you replace terrorism with some time independent term)
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