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News Throw the money in the garbage for good

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    There is no need to emphasize how much we humans have been enslaved by money, how our lives and futures depend on it, and how much pain and suffering it has brought to our lives. Ever woke up in the morning, knowing you got no job, the rent/mortgage is due, no health insurance, no money left to buy food for the family, and no prospect of things getting any better on the horizon? Well here is what I consider the solution to put an end to such miseries once and for all. A world without money: no more fears of job losses/cuts, no more fears of home foreclosures, no more fears of being behind with the rent, no more 9-5 40-60 hrs/week working, no more unemployment, no more deadlines to be met, no more Governments to tax, exploit, and oppress the nations, no more Federal Reserves and Central banks and debts, no more stock markets, nor recessions, nor inflation, nor housing bubbles, no more crimes and prisons, no more geographical borders, no more Communism, Capitalism, Democracy...politics, no more Robber barons and warmongers...none!http://hubpages.com/hub/A-Glimpse-of-A-World-Without-Money
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    That's why you can't understand why your plan fails.
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    Isn't that what we had before monetary system came in.

    Social animals don't have any momentary system but they don't do much other than eating, sleeping, reproducing, and migrating.

    A better suggestion would be sending all to me and I will take care of it.
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    Are you suggesting anarchy and chaos would prevail? If so, I have some solution to that.
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    Oh dear.
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    Before monetary system, there was bartering: trading goods for goods.
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    Desiree, I share your revulsion for money, but how would you suggest someone would be motivated to give you food to eat, or a PC so you could talk on the internet, or give you a place to live?
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    This is a terrible idea.
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    ..... really? I'm fairly sure people prefer life today than life 20,000 years ago. They may not say it, but go up to the average person and they'd probably prefer their situation than having no civilization and having to hunt their food and build their shelter for the rest of their then short lives.
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    We would go forward with time not backwards. Money has not played any role what-so-ever in the progress of science and technology and never will.
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    It's a "terrible" idea but it works.
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    Nah, it doesnt. Competition is an essential part of life and progress, you are missing this very basic fact.
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    I disagree.
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    You're free to disagree, that doesn't mean your idea will work, or that anyone would be willing to participate in it.
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    Why fix a good thing? What are the remarkable improvements we can expect from this system, in return for literally risking everything?
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    Nothing, if everyone volunteered. Many won't. I wouldn't. I and many others would do all the things you don't like unless you used force against us.

    That's the real world. That's why actual historical attempts at "running" a society result in many deaths.

    You simply cannot "run" a society of real people without force. Real people aren't sheep that can be peacefully led to fulfill your societal goals.

    I wonder if any moderator would like to lock this nonsensical thread? (Hint).
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    I think people, above all else, need to know that what they're doing is actually making a difference. A system like yours wouldn't be voluntary, it'd most likely have to be rather authoritarian. "What difference does it make if I volunteer?"; The paycheck clearly displays that difference, I believe.
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    ..... this statement demonstrates a CLEAR disconnect with reality. Look around you, you are probably within reach of at least 10 things that are products of science and technology and were seeded in the quest of profit.

    Can you give examples where your ideas actually work on any sort of reasonable scale with a comparable quality of life?
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    Maybe the Amish, Indigenous Australians, and Eskimo's lifestyles in the past would be a good example to show how they lived and survived without using money or bartering in their society. All that mattered to them was to each member of the society honor the hard work of others and they in return contribute to their fellow members. They did not fail at this and I am pretty sure they lived happy lives.

    But don't get me wrong please, I am not proposing going back to 'hunting-gathering', NO. We have enough resources such as: factories, universities, hospitals, production facilities, etc. and enough natural resources to sustain us all. World would not shudder to a halt just because we removed the money. Toyota, Boeing, farmers of Iowa and Canada...etc would just keep doing what they are doing without the money. Money only makes us law-abiding slaves, without which, we all are masters and friends:smile:
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    Desiree, based on your claim that you are the other poster, I have removed the copyright infraction

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