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A Throwing gravity and dark energy in the same basket

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    (I suck at math... but I really like physics. In school, I flunked math on a regular basis and somehow managed to get decent physics grades... in spite of terrible math skills.
    But what I am good at is getting an image in my head of the physical properties of the universe and how it behaves.)

    Annyways, on to my case. I think I might have found a way, a theory at least as to how and why dark energy and gravity may be the same force, exerted on an object and/or spacetime itself. I am not talking about just those two being connected, but rather being the same force acting on two entirely different things in the universe.

    Unfortunately I do not have any credentials of an astrophisicist or sufficient skills in mathematics to be taken seriously. So I am wondering whether there is anyone here to at least be willing to explore this possibility together with me?
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    You should be aware that this is a big red flag that whatever idea you think you have come up with is extremely likely to be wrong.

    Sorry, that is not the purpose of PF. Thread closed.
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