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Time and Space Theory (pleas critic and give your ideas)

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    This is my first post by the way. Im hoping to be accepted here and not considered a "n00b".

    Let me begin by first telling you a story:
    Once upon a time there was a man, one day he decided to ask god a question. The man asked god “If you created me, who created you?” God looked at this man with great confusion. “What has given you the idea that I have a creator?” The man replied “Everything has a beginning. So I assume since you have been around forever you know where forever begins.” God looked at the man. “If every human thought the same as you there would be nothing unknown.”
    The purpose of this story is to prove that everything is manmade; everything but space and time. Time is definite, irrelevant, and relative. Space is indefinite, relevant, and irrelative. Both of these things contradict each other when overlapped but make perfect sense while surrounding one another. Time can and will remain without space, simultaneously, space can and will remain in a plane without time (This shall be known as negative space, even though this is improbable it is still possible).
    “Everything has a beginning.” This statement is very true. (How can something be true if can’t be proven?) This can be proven and has been proven. What is my test to prove my theory? Let us say that, ∞=∄ (infinity = There does not exist; Nothing can exist without origin and an end). The equation says that an infinite spectrum contains two ends and surrounded by nothing more than negative space. ∞ is this spectrum and broken if this spectrum can be seen or if the negative space can be obtained.
    Negative space is the space that exists outside of relative time. Negative space can more easily be described as the space in a black hole. In theory a black hole is an inter-dimensional rift that (in theory) could transport matter from one place or dimension to where ever the end of the black hole ends. Black holes however do not always have an end in a solid dimension. What this means is that it is possible for objects to exist in negative space.
    In our dimension (which is the 3rd), Relative time is the time that is used. Relative time is the time that is distinguished by the progression within chronological order. For example; past, present, and future; chronological order that can only progress one way even if you manage to go back the progression would still exist. This is the key difference between Relative time and Irrelative time. Irrelative time is the time that exists between the dimensions. Irrelative time has neither an origin nor existence. Ultimately, there is no movement whether by space or time (It could be described as nothing paused). Negative space and irrelative time cannot exist without one another. Irrelative has no order it is a hollow order, there is no forward or back just current. Since time has no past or future there is never any change and the present is in a suspended animation. Any atoms in this Irrelative time would be frozen in motion, all the way down to the electron.

    Due to a series of unfortunate events this is all i can provide but it should be more than enough top give you a visual picture of what i am talking about.
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    Hi Raakam, welcome to PF, but you should have read the rules that you agreed to a little more carefully. This post is very speculative with little mainstream scientific content. It really doesn't belong here.
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