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Time History Fatigue Analysis - Ansys Static Structural Quer

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    I'm testing a part for fatigue, and I got a time series of Forces and Moments on three different parts of the body (A wind turbine hub). From the static structural fatigue analysis, I noticed that you need a von mises stress input - that's not a problem.

    My problem is, how do I place different stresses at different parts of the hub? Basically I have time series data at three blade roots. All of the loads will have the same time step. I do not see a way to determine where you place the loads.
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    I don't understand . Please explain the problem more clearly .
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    If you go into Ansys > Static Structural. You have an option to work with Fatigue Stresses and determine Fatigue Life and Factor of Safety, etc. And one of the input methods allowed is a stress time series (For non constant amplitude loading).

    I am working with a wind turbine hub, that has 3 blades. I have the stresses at the 3 blade roots that act on the hub. So, what I have is the stress time series at each of the hub/blade connections. I need to therefore enter 3 time series plots and tell the software where each of these stress series act. Right now from what I see and what I've seen online, people enter one time series plot and do not even mention the location of where it acts, they just mention additional static forces. The software some how applies these stresses on the system (probably at the location of the static force that the person has applied). If you check this video around the 8 minute mark you will see what I mean:

    Thanks for replying
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