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Time to pressurize a vessel of fixed volume

  1. Jun 7, 2012 #1

    I'm looking for a method to calculate how much time it will take to pressurize a vessel from 1 atm to 60 psig after a flow control valve is opened.

    The method I was considering using is:

    I was thinking about using PV=nRT and (P1*V1)/T1=(P2*V2)/T2 to determine the # of moles in the vessel at both the initial and final conditions. Then I was going to calculate the mass of the difference in moles from initial to final conditions. I was then planning on dividing the mass of the added moles by the density of the gas to get the additional volume of the gas added to the vessel. Last, I would use the volumetric flow rate in the gas supply line (the line with the flow control valve connected to the chamber) to derive the time required to supply the additional volume of gas containing the additional moles.

    Is this method correct? If not, what is the right approach to solving for how long it will take to pressureize a vessel with incoming gas from P1 to P2?

    Thank you in advance!
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