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Tips for a newly graduated mech-engineer

  1. Apr 5, 2016 #1
    ( I am from sweden) So soon i got a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering with orientation innovation and design. The focus areas in school has been product development, cad, FEM etc. We have worked most with Creo 2.0 but I am now learning Catia V5 at home because many companys use it. I am also learning german so that maybe I can work there later for some years or taking business trips there for a company ( I like traveling and my girlfriend if from germany). I think i want to work with product development, I like both design (estetics) and the more analytical part with analysis and calculations.

    But what tips do you have? How do i advance in my career? are there some common mistakes I should try to avoid. Or just common tips :)
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    I am a recent ME graduate who works in product development. My experience in NZ is that graduate roles in product development are very competitive.You need a portfolio of projects showing your skills, you won't get interviews if you all you have is a degree, you need evidence of relevant personal projects.
    IME what employers are looking for are practical design skills and hands on prototyping experience.
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    I'm studying in a similar field and currently do an exchange period here in Sweden. Didn't you already get some practical experience through your university required industrial placements (this seems to be a standard here)? You may want to consider doing masters as well and look for internships/graduate programs. I got my bachelors, worked in a manufacturing industry and currently doing my masters and I'm not even looking at full time offers. Entry grad level positions is what you need now.
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