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To anyone who has taken Engineering Statistics

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    I've been taking this course for 2 weeks now. I have no clue what is expected to be known from a course like this. I will be speaking with my professor after the next lecture. Can anybody who has taken this course give me some tips to understanding what I'm supposed to be getting out of this class? We've gone over sample spaces, permutations/combinations, and conditional probabilities.
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    Once you have covered the basics of probability, you will probably be looking at things like quality control of products or processes by inspecting samples of the output, the reliability of systems with several failure mechanisms (including "failsafe" systems with redundant components to meet a specified reliability level), queueing theory (not just "human" queues, but any system involving flows of information, like computer hardware, phone networks, or the internet), etc.

    That's assuming the course title of Engineering Statistics means it is going to be mainly about practical applications - there is a lot of advanced pure math involved if you go deep into the theory.
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    Well it partly depends upon what branch of engineering you are taking.

    Your course will lead to answers to such questions as

    Mech/production/industrial eng

    You are the chief engineer of a factory with 30 production machines costing $1million.
    Devise a maintenance strategy. How many spare machines should you fit?

    Civil/Structural eng

    You are designing a building in reinforced concrete on loose shale foundations in an earthquake zone.

    What (statistical) factors would you use in considering the design loads and material properties?

    Over to you to tell us more.
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    I'm in the field of Mechanical Engineering. I understand how statistics can apply to engineering but I'm just not quite sure what a professor of this class expects one to know for exams. I will be talking to him tomorrow so I'll see how helpful it will be.
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