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To chancer, on physics in physical therapy

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    Today, someone on the forums calling self "chancer" made a question which I
    have a response to; maybe you could relay this to the forum?
    Chancer is studying physical therapy and is also required to study a physics
    sequence. This is in the Academic and Career forum. Chancer is not sure why
    physics will be useful or necessary. My suggestion is basically about
    preventing patients from becoming patients, specifically about lifting objects as
    they relate to the vector nature of forces. People who are not physics educated
    may not yet understand why lifting an object straight up vertically is very
    different from lifting the same object "at an angle". More force is needed to
    lift that object at an angle other than vertical because at the angle, more the
    person's force vertically is reduced in the vertical direction; and so the
    person must apply more force at an angle than if he just needs to lift
    vertically (at "no" angle).

    I wish I could tell chancer this. Could you comment for me on the forum,
    since I have not been able to successfully register?

    Gary Chernack
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    I would suggest that it is more to do with ultra sonic treatments.
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