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I To create a new model on physics what do i need to have?

  1. Dec 10, 2015 #1
    to create a new model on physics what do i need to have?
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    Model of what?
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    You need to have a consistent hypothesis which explains some aspect of physics better than any existing model, is supported by experimental data, and has been peer reviewed, (checked by accredited persons for blunders either in the the hypothesis or in the experiments.)
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    It would help if also makes predictions that can be tested.
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    What aspects of the physics need to be explained ? What are the accredited persons need to check that?
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    What needs to be explained depends on what part of physics you are concerned with. (Electricity?,Gravity?, Nuclear reactions? ...)
    There is no 'Theory of everything' at the present time, and if people like Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking couldn't find one, you have quite a challenge there.

    The reason why peer review is an essential part of science, is quite simply that any one can make mistakes.
    (or even anyone could claim something based on fake data if nobody checked it.)
    Usually the peer reviewing is done by publishing a paper in academic journals, then anyone who is expert in the area, (meaning they have PhD usually) may examine it, perhaps conduct some experiments of their own, and offer an opinion or point out errors.
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    You need to have an idea of the purpose of the model. Then you need to decide which aspects of physics must be reproduced with which accuracy to achieve it.
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    It is sad to hear only Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking can make a new model and this physics forums you only can talk about physics approved , not new ideas
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    I have a new idea , but the problem it is we need to fix and understand why things work that way,
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    and what research have you done so far to see what has already been discovered about your possible new idea ?
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    Nobody said that and indeed it is most emphatically not true.
    That is a matter of practicality. We tried entertaining new ideas, but they made a mess that took too much effort to clean up.
    Sorry, but given the broad/vague/basic question in the OP, I seriously doubt that you have a new idea or even understand how/why the current theories work.

    In any case, since you've made it clear that this thread can't go anywhere that complies with PF rules, it is closed.
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