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To go from a Psychology degree to Physics? (In UK)

  1. Aug 19, 2014 #1
    Physics, and more specifically Astrophysics, has always been my passion. However I have just finished my BSc (Hons) Psychology in the UK and have achieved a 2.1. I do not want to carry on with psychology. I want to carry on in academia and study physics. I'm just wondering what on earth my options are... (believe me I'm kicking myself for choosing the wrong degree).

    Before university I completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma and scored a measly 26 points. I was having issues at the time and really made no effort (another thing I'm kicking myself for). It was my original intention to study physics and I did take higher level physics but only finished with a 4, which I guess is the equivalent of perhaps a 'C'. Do I need to:

    A) Do a foundation year in physics/astronomy or even go back to school...
    B) Do another Bachelors in physics/astronomy
    C) Go straight on to a Masters in physics (if only)
    D) Just give up on my dreams.
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    Option C looks impossible, since the number of undergraduate-level physics courses you have done is zero, and the number of undergrad-level maths courses is also probably close to zero. (I have no idea whether psychologists take courses in vector calculus or partial differential equations, but my guess is they don't).

    Whether B) is an option depends whether you can meet the entry requirements, which would be good grades in A-level maths and sciences (or equivalent IB or Scottish exams). Grade C would probably be marginal at best.

    Also there may be funding issues for a second BSc degree - you probably can't take out more student loans, for example.

    Option E) might be to investigate the Open University, get a job, and study part time for as long as it takes.
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