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Too late to start in Physics? (Psych background)

  1. Jul 30, 2015 #1

    So i just turned 24 and graduated last spring with a degree in psychology and was premed. I started at community college and did really well there, but once I transferred to university I fell upon some bad habits and other limiting issues. My cumulative GPA turned out to be 3.3 between the schools. However, I did not participate in any research or anything worthwhile at my university because I was always working part time as a hairstylist.

    So while I was studying for the MCAT this past summer I really took into consideration my thoughts on the medical profession and decided I wanted something that wasn't quite so people oriented. (By now my patience for dealing with customers/ the public in such a setting has become very draining).

    I found that all my interest fell in the math/physics department so i have set my sights upon applying to a masters program in applied physics. After speaking with a counselor it appears I only have a few upper division physics classes to take and one more math class to be able to apply.

    So my questions is whether it's too late to pursue something like theoretical or applied when my science background is quite as strong as those who have been studying these subjects from a younger age?

    Also if anyone has ANY tips for another type of JOB that is somewhat related to the field, post nonscience degree grad?
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    Never too late. Get those courses!
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    Dr. Courtney is right, its never too late. In high school I didn't do well in math or at all really, and yet I aspire to be an astrophysicist. While I haven't gone too far in my field of study, my determination to learn has given me an edge I didn't have before, and I've gotten grades I didn't know I could achieve before. Strive for what you want to be and wish to do! Get to know some people around the forums and learn from them and it could help you out.
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    24 is still quite young, so no it's not too late.
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