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Topics and books - Intro. Linear Algebra & Differentl. Equatns

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    The courses called "Introductory Linear Algebra & Differential Equations" are potentially
    diluted too much in order to form into a one-semester course; the one which often follows
    the third semester of Calculus. This becomes a terminal Math course for students who will
    usually not go further with Math, and so some topics are given far less treatment in the
    effort to help the students more comfortably earn their credit.

    Since these combination courses de-emphasize so many topics, could anyone tell us exactly
    which topics need to be well developed for this kind of combination course, especially in
    regard to the Linear Algebra portion of the course? Also, which textbooks, by author and
    title, are some of the best ones to use for these combination Linear Algebra & Differential
    Equation courses? (I gave away my book many many years ago, having no further use for it at
    the time, and I do not remember its title or authors)
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    I believe that the key point of such a course is to develop the
    methods for solving simple ODEs with constant coefficients
    ... effectively turning these differential equations into algebraic equations.
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