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Topology question → What geometric figure?

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    James came to a place where there was a bridge, supported by parabolic arcs. In the middle waving a transparent gelatinous substance in the form of spherical shell of exotic matter. He had come to " delighted well", a horizontal formation, which is much talk and little experienced. Slowly James put his hand without feeling almost nothing when the dive came to the elbow, he decided to move all fingers rhythmically, suddenly felt a tingling in his shoulders. Scared quickly turned to see who had done this.Oh surprise! There was only loneliness and music of the wind. If you can design and explain the geometry of the well loved, you will win this challenge.

    Sorry by bad english. but I learning this language.
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    So, your question is????
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    I think the question is in the title--what geometric figure (planar I think?) is this "well" that he has described.

    Welcome to PF, ukumari! Your post, while very poetic, was mostly incomprehensible to me. :confused: Could you try stating the question again?
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    uh, I think when it says "he decided to move his fingers... felt something on his shoulders... turned around to see who had done this" (paraphrasing) that there was some sort of portal / wormhole in front of him, like the part in front is glued to the part behind him.
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