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Torque, produced by gyroscopic precession

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    Hello All,

    When a spinning gyroscope with two degrees of freedom sits on the surface of the Earth, with its spin axis perpendicular to the Earth and its inner gimbal aligned east to west, it will precess.
    What I would like to know is, how much torque is produced about the east-west axis when the spin axis is mearest to perpendicular to the surface of the Earth.
    The following are the physical properties of the flywheel:

    1) The diameter is 12.0"
    2) The thickness is 2.0"
    3) The mass is 22.498 Lbs.
    4) The Rs PM are 45.
    5) The rotation is counter clockwise as viewed from the North end of the flywheel.

    I have solid modeled the gyroscope in Mechanical Desktop and I am attaching a jpeg image.
    If I did not provide enough information, please ask.


    Ralf Dieckmann

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    Have you considered the coriolis effect?
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    Hello Chronos,

    I think the coriolis effect only applies to matter not rigidly attached to planet earth, such as wind, the atmosphere, airplanes and projectiles.

    Also, your answer seems to imply that I am not sure as to what causes the gyroscope to precess.
    It is the rotation of the earth that causes the gyroscope to precess. What I would like to know is, what the torque value would be.

    In addition, I would like to amend my original question to state that my solid model of the gyroscope should be located at the Equator. That is where the precession torque would be highest, diminishing, as the gyroscope shifts its location, either toward the north or the south.

    From What I read about the coriolis force is, that it acts in one direction in the northern hemisphere and in the opposite direction in the southern hemisphere. My gyroscope will precess in the same direction no matter which side of the Equator it is on.

    I wonder if I should have posted my question in a forum dealing with physics?


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