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Medical Tracking Research as a Layman (Help Appreciated)

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    A recent abstract discusses the first report ever of the remission of an autoimmune disease from which I suffer, ankylosing spondylitis. As a layman without access to subscriptions to professional journals, I was wondering if there might be any posters who are aware of the best internet sites with public access that I might use to get more info.

    Sorry for the personal request, but this is potentially ground-breaking news and I am, shall we say, very highly motivated.
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    The journal you link to is an open access journal, so you should be able to download the paper. Of course, the paper is highly technical and not written to be understood by the general public, so it would probably be best to discuss the paper with your physician.

    All scientists funded by the US National Institutes of Health are required to deposit their publications in a freely accessible database called PubMed Central, so that would be a good place to go if you wish to search the biomedical literature.
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    Thanks, Mr. Norse Tree! You're right, the site did let me dl a pdf that was a bit longer. In the end, tho, the method used that resulted in remission was so harsh (basically nuking the immune system), that even if it produces results for AS, it appears the risks are too high, even for decades-long sufferers like myself.

    Thanks again, especially for the link.
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