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Transfer out, scre up, transfer back. Graduate schools view.

  1. Stay at UA, raise GPA

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  2. Trasnfer back to ASU, keep steady GPA

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  3. Drop out

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  4. Other

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  1. Apr 14, 2010 #1
    Transfer out, screw up, transfer back. Graduate schools view of it.

    I am a Physics/Astronomy major. I attended Arizona State University as a freshman last year where I had a 3.18 GPA, transferred to the University of Arizona this year where I have 1.25 GPA. There are several reason why I have struggled this year (I had some personal and health issues) but the point of this post is to ask this:

    If I transfer back to ASU and do well, how will astronomy graduate school look at my transferring out, screwing up at UA, and then transferring back to ASU? Will they immediately red flag me? Will it hinder my chances of getting in? How does GPA factor in, compared to GRE scores and recommendations? Should I stay at UA or go back to ASU?

    Note, I have to send in both transcripts to grad schools, I can't just "erase" my UA grades.

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    There might be some options, but you might be in trouble. If you are depending on some sort of financial aid, then usually anything under 2.0 poses a problem. You can usually appeal and go on probation, but there is a chance your appeal will be denied. Another possible option is to attempt a "delayed withdrawal program" where you basically attempt to withdrawal your last semester (giving you W's for the classes instead of F's and D's). These are still considered attempted hours, but it doesn't hurt your GPA. Basically with that, you have to plea to some committee, stating your reasons for effing up and show proof of your extenuating circumstances (medical records, etc.). I tired this once, and got denied, so it's not a sure shot. There is also something called "academic bankruptcy" that wipes out all of your schooling (still gives you W's but kind of wipes the slate clean). There are stipulations to that, but it's kind of a sure thing for the most part. I would talk to admissions or financial aid at your school about these options, if they are available.

    You could somehow pull that GPA up some, but you will have to work your *** off. I believe grad schools don't scrutinize GPAs too too much, and if it's just a one semester screw up, then they can see that and see that you did well from then on out.

    After you figure all of that mess out . . . in the mean time try to find research, brown nose professors for recommendations, and study for the GRE to hopefully get a good score on that. It's not the end of the world, you just might be steering through shallow waters.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.
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