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Programs Transfer programs and don't mention old one

  1. May 28, 2017 #1
    If I were to start a masters/Phd program and only take a class or two then decided I want to try to apply for a different program could I simply leave off the fact that I attended the first program? The only downside I currently see is losing credits for those initial classes. I ask because every time I hear/read about transferring it seems like a bad idea unless the student has what is deemed an "acceptable" reason.
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    Vanadium 50

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    You will be asked on the application to list everywhere you attended.
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    It has been some time since I applied for graduate study. I applied to around a dozen schools at one time or another. I remember being asked to provide all universities I attended at least a few times. I do not remember it being universal, but it could be that every school asked and I did not notice, because I never intended to leave anything off.
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    Are you asking for advice or for permission?

    Well sure. Most ideas are bad if done for unacceptable reasons.

    Transferring is one issue though. It sounds like you're asking whether you should purposefully misrepresent yourself when applying to new programs. Not only would that be fraudulent, it would put you at risk of being kicked out of any program you did get into.

    If you're worried that you haven't done well in your current program and are looking for some kind of a "reset," while not ideal, that can still happen. Be upfront about it. Anyone can have a bad semester. If that bad semester is the result of circumstances beyond your control, admission committees are likely to take that into consideration. And if it was the result of circumstances within your control, well, you likely already know that the problems are likely to follow you to the next school anyway.
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