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Schools Transferring from OttawaU to the University of Toronto

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    hey guys, I am a high school student who recently graduated from high school. I am entering my first year of University at the University of Ottawa, doing a bachelor of science specializing in biochemistry. But, after first year I desperately want to transfer to U of T when entering second year of University and switch into the biochemistry program there(I like the fact that the degree you get is universally recognized and personal reasons too). I have read about transfer students and transfer credits; and just made a tiny tweak in my Ottawa U timetable, taking the courses that I would have taken if I were at U of T. My question is, how do I know that the courses I'm taking now at Ottawa University are eligible for transfer credits at the University of Toronto, so I have all my credits for first year, and letting me enter second year and taking those second year courses at the University of Toronto. For example how do I know that the life calculus 1 I'm taking at Ottawa U can be considered as a equivalent transfer credit as calculus 1 at the University of Toronto? Has anyone transferred to another post secondary education institute after first year?
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    xChee, I would think that the first year curriculum in biochemistry should be fairly similar across the different schools in Ontario, but obviously I'm not really qualified to know for certain. My advice is for you to pose these questions to the registrar at University of Ottawa or the University of Toronto, or to the specific departments within both schools.
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