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An electron transfer flavoprotein (ETF) or electron transfer flavoprotein complex (CETF) is a flavoprotein located on the matrix face of the inner mitochondrial membrane and functions as a specific electron acceptor for primary dehydrogenases, transferring the electrons to terminal respiratory systems such as electron-transferring-flavoprotein dehydrogenase. They can be functionally classified into constitutive, "housekeeping" ETFs, mainly involved in the oxidation of fatty acids (Group I), and ETFs produced by some prokaryotes under specific growth conditions, receiving electrons only from the oxidation of specific substrates (Group II).ETFs are heterodimeric proteins composed of an alpha and beta subunit (ETFA and ETFB), and contain an FAD cofactor and AMP. ETF consists of three domains: domains I and II are formed by the N- and C-terminal portions of the alpha subunit, respectively, while domain III is formed by the beta subunit. Domains I and III share an almost identical alpha-beta-alpha sandwich fold, while domain II forms an alpha-beta-alpha sandwich similar to that of bacterial flavodoxins. FAD is bound in a cleft between domains II and III, while domain III binds the AMP molecule. Interactions between domains I and III stabilise the protein, forming a shallow bowl where domain II resides.
Mutation in ETFs can lead to deficiency of passing reducing equivalent of FADH2 to electron transport chain, causing Glutaric acidemia type 2

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  1. S

    Other Yahoo! News: Community College units not transferring in California

    There's a news report shown on Yahoo! of community college course credits not accepted for transfer-students to the CSU system schools. (These are schools in California.) https://www.yahoo.com/news/waste-time-community-college-transfers-043010995.html("Other" picked because not sure this...
  2. M

    I Transferring static charge from a Wimshurst machine to a foil pipe

    Hi everyone. I am an engineer by trade (don’t hold that against me!) but I was trying an experiment for the latest of my crazy inventions and am missing some key logic in static electricity which I was hoping you could identify. Equipment 1. Wimshurst machine (like...
  3. W

    Transferring Data from Old PC to New PC (Both Win 10)

    Hi all, So my old Win 10PC is slowing down and I am buying a new one. I want to transfer data from the old to the new without having to remove the HD. Wil just connecting the two PCs with a SATA cable enough to do the job? Is there a simpler, faster way?
  4. archaic

    Schools Transferring to a new university

    Hey guys, my mother had a talk with me about a potential emigration to another country, job stuff. I've had a look at the universities' websites and it seems that they follow the American system, or perhaps British, i.e B.Sc B.A etc, which is not the case where I live. We're following the french...
  5. K

    Finding power as a function of time in transferring water

    Homework Statement A completely filled cylindrical tank of height H contains water of mass M. At a height h above the top of the tank there is another wide container. The entire water from the tank is to be transferred into the container in time T such that level of water in tank decreases at a...
  6. B

    Transferring money from Visa gift card to an account

    I use Visa gift cards to pay for items that I buy online. These Visa gift card are debit cards. When I first buy these Visa gift cards, the Visa gift cards usually have $50 or $100 on them. I use these Visa gift cards to make purchases until the value of the card is too low to buy anything...
  7. Zeppelin34

    Admissions Transferring to UCSC: My Worries and Plans

    The topic basically says it all, sorry if it shouldn't be that long but I'm new. First and foremost I must say that I'm planning on transferring from a California community college to UCSC using the TAG, I'm worried that I'll be rejected for some reason or another.
  8. Geno

    Programs Transferring to UCLA for Physics: Advice Needed

    Hello everyone, My major is Physics and I am a freshman at community college looking to transfer to UCLA after my two years at CC. Is there anything you guys can recommend. Is there any extra studying I should do or any extra things/ideas I can learn about Physics. I think Physics is perfect for...
  9. Mathamans

    Schools Transferring from an Indiana CC to UIUC

    I'd like to know if anyone has any knowledge on the difficulty of transferring to UIUC as a math and physics major from a community college in Indiana (I'm not sure if the CC in Indiana part was relevant, just thought I'd add it in case). What should I do to have a competitive application? Thanks.
  10. MidgetDwarf

    Schools Considering Transferring to College: Financially Based Decisions

    So I am transferring to a university in the Fall semester. My major is mathematics. Due to my economic situation I have to choose between Cal State Long Beach or Cal State La. So I am having trouble finding housing around the Long Beach area. I do not drive. I found a place with other students...
  11. B

    Programs Should I Transfer Math PhD Programs for Better Research Opportunities?

    Math grad student here. I'm currently finishing up my first year in a PhD program, and I based on my experiences so far I can definitely say graduate school is something I want to continue. I spent my first year taking courses in preparation for prelims rather than doing research, but I did well...
  12. F

    Spring transferring half its energy to each mass?

    My question is: Does a spring between two differing masses, each with an initial momentum of zero, transfer half of its stored elastic potential energy to each? My intuition says yes. But it seems to not be the case. If you apply the conservation of energy and momentum, the answer you get is...
  13. J

    Transferring a handheld radio into a antique style radio box

    I'm pretty darn new to engineering, so I'm just diving in and hoping all goes well. I've got roughly 6 months to finish this project as it's a Christmas gift in the making. My current plan is to carve a large spruce log into the shape of an old cathedral style antique radio, make a cabinet...
  14. C

    Schools Where Can I Transfer with a 3.0 GPA for a Physics Degree?

    Hello I am currently attending college at a 4-year California State University and I am pursuing a Physics degree. However, I am concerned that my degree here will not be taking as serious as those students that have the same degree but from more prestigious institutions. This has my rushed my...
  15. N

    Schools Which university offers a better physics program: Ohio State or Iowa State?

    Hello, I have recently heard about this website, and it sounded like the right place to ask for some academic guidance. I hope this is the right subforum. I am a sophomore student at Iowa state university majoring in Physics. I was recently accepted at Ohio State university. All of my credits I...
  16. obstinatus

    Schools Will transferring solve anything?

    I'm a physics undergrad with a year's worth of credit remaining to complete my degree, all 300 and 400 level courses as I've already done gen eds/ humanities. After graduating high school, I attended a noncompetitive state school for a year and was very alienated, the school lacking support for...
  17. C

    Admissions Transferring after dropping out of a PhD for medical reasons

    Let's say that I was given unacceptable conditions for returning from medical leave; basically I had to self-fund at least the following year of a physics PhD. Knowing that doing so would result in a financial disaster, I am definitely withdrawing from the program, with the understanding that...
  18. kkefalas

    Schools Transferring Schools because advisor told me there's no hope

    Hi Physics forums patrons, I'm a bit of an academic pickle and I don't really know where to turn so I was hoping someone could offer an alternate point of view. For a little background, I'm currently a physics student, having transferred from finance about a year ago (go science). Now, I'm very...
  19. P

    Transferring information faster than the speed of light?

    You perform a double slit experiment, detecting the photons at the slit, and storing, but not observing, that data on a memory stick. The pattern on the screen is also stored, but not observed. Person A travels with the memory stick to New Zealand and person B travels to London with the...
  20. P

    Programs Transferring to a physics degree [UK]?

    I have just completed the first semester at university (in the UK) for aerospace engineering. However, given the time off I have had recently for the Christmas break, I have had time to think much about my current studies. I am really starting to think my interest lies behind understanding the...
  21. N

    Transferring to a decent school from a California CC

    Hey Y'all! I apologize for the length of my post, but it is an issue that has been causing me a lot of stress! I'm currently a sophomore student at a California community college and I intend to transfer into an undergrad Physics program. I really would prefer to go out of state and have always...
  22. P

    Schools Is it worth transferring grad school for a change in research focus?

    Hi, I am a 2nd year international PhD student in a mid-tier US university. When I applied to grad school as an undergrad I intended to do high energy phenomenology and theory. In the past summer I worked on a pheno project, which was my first project in grad school (was taking courses in...
  23. Entanglement

    Testing SAT scores and HS GPA when transferring

    Hi, I was wondering if I apply for a college as a transferring applicant will my SAT and HS GPA weigh much? Do colleges forgive previous bad performance? Thanks in advance.
  24. neosoul

    Transferring from Physics to Engineering

    I'm a physics major looking forward to applying to a joint JD/MSc program OR PhD program. After participating in an internship, I realized that becoming a research scientist is not something I may want to do but I still would like to work with science. That being said, I would consider the...
  25. H

    ABET accreditation, should it be a significant factor?

    I am a current student at the University of Cincinnati and I am in the Architectural Engineering program they have. The Architectural Engineering program they have there is new (I believe its been around for 3-4 years or so) and since its a 5 year program they haven't had a graduating class...
  26. C

    Schools Transferring to University from CC: Preparation advice

    Hello all: I just finished my last semester at a community college, and I'll be starting at a university in the fall. I'm a little concerned with my preparation, especially in mathematics. My major choices were nuclear engineering and physics on my application, so I could be majoring in either...
  27. J

    Transferring from Community College to University for EE

    Hi guys! I just want to know if it is possible to transfer from a 2 year CC to a four year University. I want to do EE.
  28. Davephaelon

    Transferring Liquid Helium to Another Container

    I have a small 'cryostat' which I would like to fill with liquid helium to conduct an experiment. It consists of a circular plastic kitchen measuring cup 3 inches wide at the top, 2 and 1/4 inches wide at the bottom, which is flat, and 1 and 1/2 inches deep. The plastic wall/floor is about...
  29. ellipsis

    Programs Transferring to 4-year from CC, want to change major

    Transferring to 4-year from CC, and I want to change my program of study from computer science to modeling & simulation engineering. I would like to do this while still achieving my bachelor's in a reasonable time-frame. I have been admitted to the university of my choice, but I have not been...
  30. J

    Concerns about transferring from CC to 4year for Engineering

    Hello, I am a high school student nearing graduation, and I plan on attending community college. Throughout high school I've been on an independent study program due to my poor health (I have severe Ulcerative Colitis). I'm hoping that Community College will provide me with a flexible schedule...
  31. T

    My chances of transferring into caltech

    Hi, I wanted to know what were my chances of getting into caltech as a transfer student. High school GPA: 3.5 SAT 1600 (math 700) AP Bio: 4 College GPA: 3.9 Dean's list from 2012 Internships: I been in 3 internship programs within my cc. Each being a semester long. They were chem,chem,micro...
  32. B

    Transferring from csuf to cal poly slo for engineering?

    i was wondering if anyone had any success transferring from csu to csu. i currently have completed 73 units in which most are ge's and i have completed calc 1 and 2. phys1 mechanics, c++ programming, and digital logic and my overall gpa is a 3.46. do i have remotely any chance of getting in...
  33. R

    Can Kinetic Energy Be Transferred Without Direct Contact?

    Is there a way to transfer kinetic energy between two objects without the objects touching one another?
  34. J

    Transferring to US to do PHD from UK Bsc Physics

    Hi,everyone. I'm from asia, doing a BSC degree Theoretical physics in Imperial college London, currently finished my second year and got approximately 75% .. As an international student, I understand that very high academic achievement is needed to get any source of funding e.g. scholarship from...
  35. A

    Why mobile devices use same pins for charging and for pwr transferring

    Mobile battery has generally 3 pins, 3rd for safety and 2 pins for supply. How can mobile devices get electricity during charging from same pins from where it is transferring power to mobile circuit? Please help
  36. T

    Schools Is this a bad idea? Transferring to a not so good college oos

    Hello, I am a California Community College student and I just applied to UAF (University of Alaska at Fairbanks) as a Electrical Engineering major and intend on double majoring in Math or Physics. I will be a first year transfer and starting as a sophomore. I also have a 3.0, but for a UC...
  37. Illuvitar

    Transferring from Community College to University: Balancing Course Load

    Well from what I understand when a student transfers from community college to a university they start with a fresh GPA. Its kind of worrying me that by the time I transfer I will have all of my general eds out of the way and will have only engineering courses every semester till graduation. I...
  38. W

    Programs Transferring Question Regarding Major

    Hi, I attended college for two years at a large state university. In my fifth semester, due to financial complications, mid-semester I was forced to return home and get a full-time job. I'm looking to apply to another institution as a transfer student. I've earned mostly A's, took honors...
  39. Illuvitar

    Transferring into Engineering school

    Hi everyone, I am currently attending community college to get my basics out of the way before transferring to a university for mechanical engineering. I am tentatively planning my academic goals/schedule for the coming years and am seeking advice about when to transfer. Staying out of debt is...
  40. Ascendant78

    Transferring to UF or FSU (Florida) for undergrad. Which is better?

    I will be finishing up my AA in May 2014 and looking to transfer to either Florida State University or University of Florida. In the beginning of last year, I had heard that as far as a physics major, FSU was superior. They were not only the best for physics in Florida, but in the entire...
  41. P

    Can Smell Be Captured and Transferred Electronically?

    Has anyone ever heard of or know about any technology that could capture , store or transfer smell in any form electronically or mechanically. Are there any researches being conducted in universities or research facilities regarding this topic or have there been any achievements so far. I...
  42. M

    Programs Transferring to UT Austin as a physics major.

    Finished most of my basics and calculus series at a community college and now I'm transferring to UT Austin to take ALL my University physics courses and advanced math such as PDE. I haven't taken a physics course since High School, and I want to go over all the concepts during summer so when I...
  43. A

    Transferring from Physics to Engineering Undergrad

    Hello everyone, I'm a 17 year old high school student from Ontario, Canada. I have recently applied to a few physics programs, and I was just wondering if it was possible to transfer into an engineering program once I am in the university. However, my situation is I never took grade 11 or 12...
  44. T

    Transferring memory/bytes in assembly language

    Hi Everyone, Trying to write some assembly code by just first working out some pseudo to get a basis down for a program which transfers N bytes from m amount different sources, whose sizes are N bytes to m amount different destinations. So far, I've been trying to simplify what it wants...
  45. A

    Tips on transferring to UT Austin

    Hello, I am a freshman physics major currently going to a local community college in Texas (Collin County). And I am planning on transferring to UT Austin next Fall semester. And I was wondering if any of you have some advice or know any requirements I may need in order to ensure I get accepted...
  46. S

    Schools Is Transferring Schools Frequently Detrimental for Science Career Paths?

    Hi everyone! I have a question: Is it bad to jump around in college a lot? Even if your records are good? My background: I originally wanted to go into science. I was about to declare an engineering major at my community college (because it was the closest to physics as I could get), but...
  47. Y

    How Can One Motor Drive Two Gears Sequentially?

    Hi, In a small mechanical application i have, i want an electrical motor to drive a spur gear, and from the moment the spur gear encounters resistance (it stops completely), i want the same shaft from the motor to drive a second spur gear (which was NOT spinning at first, it starts spinning...
  48. O

    Transferring junior needs some guidance from PF.

    Hello, I thought I would post here since I'm trying to prepare for my upcoming semester. I am transferring from a community college to a top 50 university to major in physics. However there is a bit of a snag and I could use some advice.. I have taken diff eq, linear algebra, calc I - III at...
  49. P

    Transferring to CA School to Finish Undergrad - Private or Public?

    Hello all, I am looking to transfer to CA next school year to finish my Physics BSc at a school that has a stronger program than my current university, which will better prep me for grad school. I am coming from out of state, so it actually seems like private universities could cost me less...
  50. X

    Schools Transferring from OttawaU to the University of Toronto

    hey guys, I am a high school student who recently graduated from high school. I am entering my first year of University at the University of Ottawa, doing a bachelor of science specializing in biochemistry. But, after first year I desperately want to transfer to U of T when entering second year...