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Homework Help: Transition Elements (Naming Substances) check answers

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    Name the following substances.

    a) [Cu(Cl4]2- - tetrachloridecopper(II) ion

    b) Ag(NH3)2+ - diamminesilver ion

    c) Cu(NH3)4SO4 - tetraamminecoppersulfate (or tetraamminecopper(II) sulfate)

    d) Al(H2O)6Cl3 - hexaaquoaluminum(III) trichloride

    I have no idea if any of these are right, but someone please help me out if there not.
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    'chloro', not 'chloride'. Also, since this is an anionic complex, it should be 'cuprate'.

    Missing oxidation number for silver.

    Second try is better.

    There should be no "tri" (in trichloride) - just "chloride" is sufficient. The number of chloride ions (ie.: 3) is determined by the oxidation number of the cation and the number of other ligands, if they are charged.
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