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Transmission and Processing of Information via Quantum Entanglement

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    I am new to this forum, and posting in forums in general, so this is a slightly strange experience for me. I would like to kindly and respectfully request everyone's cooperation, and if those posting would be respectful in their answers.

    I was recently reading through an article on an experiment conducted by Cheng University in China concerning the transmission of information via quantum entanglement by entangling data to light particles in their quantum state over a distance of 10 miles. Regretfully, I was unable to find anything remotely descriptive or informative when I attempted to research the subject further.

    The article then postulated that should the idea of quantum transmission be expanded and further developed, computers processing data via quantum entanglement may be a possibility in the future.

    Regarding this, I was concerned whether or not a) the article is even remotely valid, and b) (even hypothetically) should the possibility of quantum transmission and processing become a reality, would that not be grievous violation of casuality.

    I am aware that quantum field theory and general relativity are two ideas that do not completely support one another. However, I am slightly perplexed with the implications of these new findings.

    Any useful explanations would be greatly appreciated. m(_ _ )m

    Edit: The link to the article has been inserted below:

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    Never mind. I have found my answer.

    I sincerely apologize for wasting space and inconveniencing everyone.
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