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Transparent paint carrier of electrical current

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    Hello ...
    Please , I want a transparent paint for a glass or plastic that carrier of electrical current. If it is existing in market ( what is the brand name) or there is a way to be manufactured by local materials available.

    Another question ...
    Is there a dry metal compound (powder) that is transparent and transmission of electrical current and available?
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    Welcome to the PF.

    Indium tim oxied (ITO) is widely used as a transparent conductor. It is used to make the transparent condutors used in many flatscreen displays, for example.


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    Berkeman fat fingered ITO - it is Indium Tin Oxide when you start searching the internet- best purchased already fabricated on the glass or clear polymer, as it is not a paint and has to be sputtered and specially heat treated to sinter the nanoparticles. Indium makes it expensive, too. Also it is only nominally transparent (i.e. it's big + is transparency to visible radiation, but it is a strong IR and UV absorber). Organic conductors have ion pairs solvated by the molecular structure, which makes most of them colored (solvated electron).

    In reality, most applications can take a metal trace to carry current, and only give up 1% or less of the visible area. Take your flat screen monitor for instance- you don't notice the grid that masks the pixels, do you?
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